REVIEW: MyHeadcover

Vain, Weird or Freaking Awesome?
I thought I had seen it all in terms of headcovers.  There are OEM branded, leather, wool, socks, team, character, and even butt headcovers.  Now you can get your own headcover, literally, you can be your own headcover.  MyHeadcover will make a replica of yourself so that you can carry around a little you headcover for your driver.  At first I had some fairly mixed emotions about it;  this is weird.  Then I thought, how vain am I that I need myself on a headcover.  But upon arrival, I think it is freaking awesome.
If you hold the title as the #BestLookingManInGolf, you should have your own headcover.  Working with MyHeadcover, we set out to create a Spyzinger headcover equal to his hashtag. There were plenty of pictures to choose from, since Spyzinger always takes a great picture.  We finally settled on one based on the detail and angle of his face.  I emailed it out the MyHeadcover along with picking a shirt color and making sure we got the iGr logo and #BestLookingManInGolf on it too.  For me the process was really very simple.  Photo and shirt design, MyHeadcover does the rest.  The turn around from start to finish is about a month.  I didn’t that that was too bad considering the handcrafted nature of this headcover.

When the Spyzinger MyHeadcover arrived I was impressed by how lifelike yet caricature it was.  I found it to be a fascinating blend of doll and reality.  The MyHeadcovers are handmade in England by a family business.  They take real pride and joy in their work.  It shows as you inspect the details of the headcover.  They screen print the face onto cloth and then sow that to the body of the headcover.  They make clothes and a hat for the headcover too.  There is also a special green jacket included in preparation for Masters week.

There is no doubt that this MyHeadcover is eye catching and will be a topic of conversation every time it is in use.  It functions like many other headcover with a long sock to protect your driver head and shaft.  It is slightly top heavy (just like Spyzinger) so it does have a slight tendency to tip over a little on the driver.  It won’t fall off, but it won’t always be perfectly up and down in the bag. 

If you are looking for something unique, different, and personal, check out MyHeadcover.  They can put any face (even a pet) onto a headcover and make it personal with style and color.  Maybe you don’t want to look at yourself before every drive, but maybe your wife or child could be a pleasant site on top of your driver.  This cover though is just about as perfect as it gets for the #BestLookingManInGolf.  MyHeadcover hooked up Spyzinger with one special headcover.

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Quick Hits:
+Freaking Awesome
+Easy process
+Custom headcover options
+Great gift idea