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I used the MYNT Wizard Pro Golf Balls for 4 rounds of golf.  The accompanying MYNT accessories were also sampled on course over the 4 rounds of golf.  I dug a little deeper into the function and quality of MYNT accessories too.  This German company has certainly created more than just Direct-to-Consumer golf balls, but a golf lyfestyle brand. 

This is the definitive MYNT Wizard Pro Golf Ball and Accessories Review for 2022.

What is the answer to the age old question, “What golf ball plays like a ProV1, but costs less?  This is really question that created Direct-to-Consumer brands.  The additional assistance from golf ball factories overseas means they could actually pull this off without building a golf ball manufacturing plant themselves.  As you probably know by now, most of these DTC balls come from the same plant overseas.  So what differentiates the various brands?  They certainly have input on their ball model, but it comes down to price, quality and style. MYNT offers 3 models of golf balls at a lower price point than a ProV1 along with a large selection of stylish accessories.

The MYNT Wizard Pro is a “ProV1” equivelant golf ball.  It is a urethane covered golf ball aimed at the better golfer.  Their single dozen price isn’t going to save you tons of money; it isn’t until you get a quantity of balls does the price savings add up.  They are an 85 compression golf ball so right in the typical “tour” quality golf ball, maybe a little on the soft side. The packaging is outstanding and logo is cool with the play button paired with the finished golf swing making an M.  The box, the logo, the ball itself says quality and style.

So the next question is, Does the MYNT Wizard Pro golf ball keep up with a ProV1?  MYNT describes this ball as medium trajectory, low driver spin and very high wedge spin.  My on-course and launch monitor testing confirmed much of what they claim.  The ball comes off the club with a very neutral/medium flight.  It hits into a nice “window” as far as trajectory goes.  In terms of spin, this things revs up the RPMs.  This is one of the spinniest balls I’ve ever hit.  I hit and stopped a 4-iron, my driver only bounces a few yards after impact, and wedges have tons of zip.  The feel of every club is amazingly soft.  I found the cover really durable too.  No markings or damage with wedges, irons or even a stray tree.  It is not the longest ball I’ve every hit, but straight and spin are certainly its top qualities.

MYNT offers 2 other golf balls: Talent Soft and Ambition Tour.  They are lower priced and don’t have a urethane covers.  They are still a quality golf ball, but lacking some of that green side feel and spin.  They perform nicely for the level of golf ball.  If you are trying to save some funds because you’re just going to lose the ball in the desert, forest or pond anyways, these are high quality lower priced golf balls.  Especially if your swing speed doesn’t warrant a “tour” level ball these two offer a great alternative.

MYNT accessories bring the style.  Everything they make is high quality, aesthetically pleasing and functional.  I tested their tees, glove, towel, ball mark repair tool, water bottle and stocking hat. (ok didn’t actually wear the stocking hat in AZ during a round in the summer).  Everything looks outstanding from the packaging to the color palette, to the actual on-course look.  The glove is a highlight of their gear.  The super soft, supple cabretta leather.  I’m impressed by the fit, feel and durability.  AZ summers can be hard on golf gloves and this one survived and thrived with comfort and grip.  The towel is a microfiber towel that is nice size and has a funcational loop attached.  Another necessity in AZ is a water bottle and the MYNT Vitrum bottle is made of High quality borosilicate glass.  While I was concerned about “glass” on the golf course, I found it durable as well as functional for keeping water cold and fresh during my round.  The divot tool doubles as a bottle opener which makes total sense from a German company.


MYNT is a Direct-to-Consumer company that brings style to a lower priced ball and accessories model.  The MYNT Wizard Pro offers some of the most spin of any tour ball I’ve ever played along with a lower price point.  The MYNT other balls give great performance at an even lower price point.  The MYNT accessories are stylish and funcation.  Everythign is very well designed for golf and has a cool look.  One of the other cool MYNT features is the box bundles which gives you a collection of items all sent together at a discounted price. 

For More Information: MYNT Golf Website

MYNT Wizard Pro Golf Ball and Accessories – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: MYNT Golf is a Direct to Consumer brand that offers 3 different golf balls and numerous accessories. Everything is well designed and cool.

  • ✅  Pros: Lots of spin, Great feel, Quality packaging, Cool style, Functional accessories, Excellent pricing.

  • ⛔  Cons: Too much spin, Best pricing only with quantity.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The MYNT Wizard Pro Golf Ball is a tour level ball that really spins. If you want everything a tour ball offers with lots of spin, this is the perfect ball for you. The stylish accessories really round out a cool and functional Direct to Consumer brand.


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