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Is there anything more important than comfort in a golf shoe?  What good is a stylish shoes that rubs on the heel?  What good is ultimate traction if it pinches the toes?  Why where a fancy lace system if your feet ache after wearing them?  Why do you see caddies wearing non-golfing shoes when they are walking all day on the golf course for a living?  Comfort!!  The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn.  They are built on a running shoe platform, but perform perfectly for golf.  New Balance’s fresh take on a golf shoe is all about comfort.
The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes give you a hint about its comfort; Foam.  This shoe uses foam everywhere which is incredibly light, yet offers amazing cushion for your entire foot.  I’m going to start with the sole, since that is where most of the pressure for each step happens.  Fresh Foam is something New Balance created for their running shoes and are now using it in the midsole of these golf shoes.  The secondary Cush+ midsole also offer additional cushion. It is a lightweight foam that offers amazing cushion without being too squishy.  Step after step is soft and supported.

The next area that the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes excel is the cushioning that wraps the upper part of your foot.  There are huge pads that surround your heel so that there is no rubbing or stiffness that hurts the achilles or ankle.  This design is so comfortable the moment you put these shoes on, you can see and feel the difference.

The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes have a mesh upper with performance leather lower outer materials are incredibly flexible yet have a 2 year waterproof warranty.  This combination makes them lightweight, flexible and incredibly comfortable.  I was actually surprised at how well they repelled water.  We’ve had some winter rains here in AZ and these shoes kept my feet perfectly dry.  I also like how there essentially isn’t a tongue on these shoes, the uppers just stretch all the way across the top of your foot.  Yes there are laces to loosen or tighten, but you could wear these shoes even without laces.  This just adds to the comfort of the uppers.

The last part of the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes that create amazing comfort is the spikeless outsole that is pressure mapped so that each step or swing motion is designed to grip, flex, and still be comfortable.  It was impressed with the “stick” of these spikeless shoes to the course.  I had zero slippage and could swing for the fences without worry.  They walk just as comfortably off the course.  You can’t even tell they are golf shoes.

The New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoes only come in a few basic colors right now, but the grey ones which I picked out are much nicer looking than anticipated.  They have a “marbling” to the color that looks very sharp.  The overall style is running shoe so it might not win any fashion awards, but the comfort surpasses any style issues.  The sizing is similar to other brands so you don’t have to worry if you order these online, just get your normal size.  My 9.5 size fit perfectly.

If you want the most comfortable shoe you can buy to play golf wearing, the New Balance Fresh Foam LinksSL shoe is it.  I’m blown away by the comfort of these shoes.  The Fresh Foam is everything they claim; soft supportive and comfortable.  This is going to be a caddy’s dream shoe.   You can wear these all day while looping 36 holes.  The comfort, support, traction and waterproof warranty will make these shoes perfect.  The golfer that simply wants comfortable shoes, these are the best.  New Balance took a fresh take on comfort with these shoes.

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Quick Hits:
+Fresh Foam is comfortable
+Great spikeless design
+Waterproof uppers
+Padding everywhere

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