REVIEW: New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA

Foam Comfort w/ BOA Precision and Stability
Finding the right balance of comfort, stability, flexibility and grip is trickier than one might think.   Add to that the spiked vs spikeless debate which adds to the difficulty shoe manufactures have trying to build the ideal shoe.  Quite honestly, there isn’t going to be a shoe that pleases everybody as we all have different likes, swings and needs.  The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA is a combination of Fresh Foam comfort, BOA laces and increased stability.  They kept the foam comfort while adding the precision of BOA fit and beefing up the lateral stability. 
New Balance has been known as a great walking shoe since they day they started.  This made them a prefect candidate to make golf shoes.  The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA are built off the previous model which I really enjoy for walking.  The Fresh Foam is pretty much as its name suggests: a foam midsole that creates a fresh step every time.  It has enough squish to offer good cushion, but firm enough to not get sloppy while walking or swinging.   The new midsole for this model is a little thicker and wraps the arch area a little more which means more stability.  It does so with a combination of concave and convex geometric foam on the inside and outside of the foot for maximum stability.

The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA has my favorite shoe feature: BOA.  There is nothing better than the precise fit of BOA lacing system.  The twist of a dial and you can get the shoes locked in perfectly.  I really like how this version is on the side of the shoe and pulls down the whole “tongue” area of the shoe for snug lock tight fit.  They pop up for a quick and complete release of tension and then click down and dial to the exact fit you design.  They don’t loosen up or come untied like traditional laces.  They almost impossible to break.  The 3 pressure points work well for a precise fit for different foot shapes.

The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA have the same outsole as the LinksSL model which is a soft rubber sole with various nubs which are great to walk on for hard surfaces and grip well on all turf types.  The sole offers great flexibility for every step too which creates a comfortable walk.  The outsole is designed with a color pattern that isn’t just for looks, but actually lines up with the pressure points while walking and swinging.

The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA are right out of the box ready to go to the course.  They have a blend of knit material and synthetic waterproof materials for a nice look, but maximum flexibility.  They even put a couple notches at the flex points which are well thought out.  While they don’t have a “tongue” exactly as many shoes do, they are a stretch material complete across the upper part of the foot, the BOA does tighten that as desired with a full midfoot wrap.  The Cush+ insole also adds to the walking comfort with additional cushion underfoot on each step.

The New Balance Fresh Foam PaceSL w/BOA have a combination that will appeal to many golfers.  They offer excellent comfort, flexibility, stability, grip and BOA.  That precise feel with BOA paired with the new Fresh Foam stability design makes for a stable shoe that can be worn on or off the course.  I like the combination of features in these shoes which balance out the needs between soft, comfort, waterproof, stability, traction and BOA.

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Quick Hits:
+Good traction
+BOA precision
+Cushion with Fresh Foam

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