REVIEW: New Balance Minimus SL Golf Shoe

Minimus Design for Maximus Comfort
A few years ago New Balance designed a line of shoes with less heel to toe drop and a more flexible outsole to create a more connected to the ground feel.  My typical thought on a shoe like this would be the minimus design is great for quick rounds or really connecting to the turf, but for a 36 hole days, they aren’t going to have enough comfort or support.  I was wrong.  New Balance Minumus SL golf shoes may be built on the Minimus platform, but they offer Maximus comfort.
As already mentioned the New Balance Minimus platform is about less toe drop, not quite zero drop as some golf shoes have done, but considerably less.  Their 4mm drop is just enough to not feel awkward, but not typical that has your heels significantly higher than your toes.  These have a great balanced feeling while wearing.  It feels very natural, similar to walking barefoot in terms of heel to toe motion

The New Balance Minimus Spikeless golf shoes have a running shoe like traction numbs on the sole.  The sole has numerous flex points for a constant connection and grip.  The short numbs are soft so these shoes are really comfortable walking on any surface.  I wore them many days in a row off the course and really liked them.  There was no weird slipping or strange feelings walking around the office, at the store or anywhere in between.  On the course the grip really well with the flexible outsole and numbs.  Sure traditional spikes offer supreme grip, I didn’t have any slippage while wearing these.

New Balance uses things like REVlite foam and FantomFit  to create the Minimus design.  They are lightweight, flexible and very comfortable.  Right out of the box I took them to the course and was impressed by how “not-new” they felt.  I liked that they didn’t need any break-in time nor did my foot need to adjust to their fit.  I wore them to the course, all 18 holes and the rest of the day.  New Balance shoes are similar in size to most popular brands so my typical size 9.5 M fit perfectly in these shoes too.

This is my first pair of New Balance shoes and I am impressed.   The Minimus SL shoe offers many things a golf will love; spikeless outsole that has great grip and flex, great padding, and cool styling.  They offer these in some great colors and styles.  They aren’t your traditional saddle shoe, they are so much better with their out of the box comfort and Minimus drop for a more natural walk and feel on the course, yet with Maximus comfort.

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Quick Hits:
+Minimus design means less toe drop
+Spikeless for on or off the course
+Great traction
+Cool design
+Maximus comfort