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REVIEW: New Level 623-M Irons

Taking Precision To A Whole New Level
“Golf is a game of inches.”  Actually in many cases the game of golf has even smaller tolerances than that.  If you are off by a single degree on a putt, it will probably miss.  If your specs are off by just a tiny amount it can impact your swing.  Golf is really about the little details.  If you are a high handicap golfers, those details aren’t nearly as important, but the better you get and the lower you want to score, every degree, every swingweight, every spin rate becomes important.  Within the golf industry there are tolerance windows that can be rather large depending on the company.  New Level prides themselves on very tight tolerances as well as precision performance.  They really have upped my iron precision to a whole new level.
New Level Golf is an up and coming company (more company info here). They’ve been around for a couple of years and their creator has been successful in the golf industry for decades.  I’d say the biggest draw to New Level Golf has to be their designs.  They currently have 5 irons designs (1 is mostly a long iron model)  Every model has incredible aesthetics.  They look so good in the silver finish or the black finish.  It is the looks of the 623-M model that made me drool over them when I first saw them.  They might be one of, if not the best looking irons on the market.

Yes! New Level Irons look amazing, specifically the 623-Ms.  But no matter how good the irons look they need to perform.  After figuring out the best specs for my set, New Level built them up exactly how I wanted them.  While my specs are pretty “stock”, New Level took the time to measure and adjust each iron as necessary to get them precisely made to my specs.  This kind of attention to detail isn’t often found in iron sets.  Maybe if you get them built by a custom shop, but not through an OEM order.  This attention to detail means you’re going to have irons in your hands that will be precise instruments for hitting the shots you want on the golf course.  You get a detailed spec sheet to show what they did to prove it.  If you have the tools at home, you can check, but they will be spot on.    I had mine built with DG S400 Tour Issue shafts which also have some of the tightest tolerances in the industry and some Lamkin wrap grips.

The New Level 623-M irons are so pretty you could hang them on the wall, but these went straight into the bag for play.  My scores have been low every round I’ve had them in play.   Most of my bogies or worse have come from other clubs, not the irons.  I fell in love with the feel on the very first swing.  These are close to blade like irons and have a soft pure feel at impact that competes with the “best” feeling irons around.  They are ball striking heaven.  What surprised me was how forgiving they are for such a “thin” head. Both top line and sole are thin.  Their heel to toe length is longer than some “blades”.  This allows for a little extra room for error without getting penalized.  You don’t have to worry that only + handicaps can play these.  I’d say even high single to low double digit handicap golfers could play these well.  They do have thin soles that are great for AZ hard turf and the leading edge is blunted some, but if there is going to be a miss hit it is probably going to be fat.

New Level 623-M irons aren’t just great looking and feeling irons, their precision performance is why these irons are staying in my bag.  I can’t say I’ve ever played a set of irons that had such amazing precision when it comes to attacking greens.  I play about 10 yard gaps in my irons from 4-iron through PW.  I have a yardage number that I assign to each club as my average distance I hit it.  The New Level Irons hit that yardage almost every time and the ball just stuck on the green.  The greens aren’t concrete right now, but even on firm greens the ball is just hitting and stopping, or even spinning back.  I’ve backed up a 5 iron on the greens here in AZ.

I did some testing on my Flightscope to see how the New Level 623-M irons were so precise.  They certainly launch the ball with plenty of height and spin and land amazingly soft.  The numbers are really solid in terms of performance.  High ball speeds, higher launch and higher spin all contribute to their performance.  Even with that,  I still didn’t have any problems playing them in strong winds.  The spin rates obviously helped hold the greens, yet the ball speeds allow them to hit the right distances.  I can’t say I was hitting these way further than other irons, but I didn’t lose a yard either.  I just hit them exactly the yardage I wanted and they stick.  You can literally go flag hunting.  I found myself really focusing on the exact yardage to the hole, not just hitting to the middle of the green.

Flightscope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

New Level 623-M  —  6-iron

  • Spin: 6672 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 19.7*
  • Dispersion: 3.3 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 91.1 mph
  • Ball Speed: 121.7 mph
  • Total Distance:  175.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  174.6 yds

The New Level 623-M irons are available through New Level or one of their many fitting partners; I’d suggest checking these out.  They are the most precise iron I have ever hit.  The specs are spot on and their performance was even more impressive by how accurate they are.  If you want to take your iron play to a new level, these irons can help.  The New Level 623-M irons are one of the best looking and performing irons you can buy.  They offer 30 different shaft option so you should have no problem getting your favorite and with their growing distributor and fitter list you should be able to find some to try near you.  Take you game to a New Level of precision with the 623-M irons.

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Quick Hits
+Amazing looks
+Incredible feel
+Surprising forgiveness
+Very precise
+Custom built exactly to spec
+High ball speed, launch and spin

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