Review: New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron

A Utility For Every Shot
Can your hybrid/utility iron hit every shot?  I find that certain hybrids are great off the tee, but not so easy to hit off the fairway.  I also find that some utilities great off the turf, but not great on the tee.  Or what about the creative/escape shots that are needed  from time to time with a utility?  Having a club that hits every shot well is the best way to fill the slot in the bag between woods and irons.  The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron is that utility club you’ve been looking for that can hit every shot.  It sets up compact like an iron, but the hollow design has the pop of a hybrid.  It is a combination of great looks, affordable price and outstanding performance.  It truly is the utility iron for every shot.
New Level continues to grow as a company and make a name for themselves.  They make irons, wedges and utility irons.  I’ve been playing their 623-M irons for a couple years now and they have  a firm hold on the “gamer” spot in my bag.  The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron is a perfect fit aesthetically with the 623-M irons.  There are similarities of the cavity shape and the same clean lines as the irons.  I went with the 18* model since I  wanted a lower launching utility iron for my Bandon Dunes trip.  This club is a perfect compliment to any of the irons that New Level makes.  The NLU-01 comes in 3 lofts: 18, 21, and 24.  I could easily see having a couple of these in the bag depending on how you hit your long irons.

The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron is a compact club that might appear better suited for the lower handicap golfer, but it is easy to hit; even the 18* has plenty of launch.  I found this utility to launch on the high side, but with plenty of ball speed for long carries.  I was able to hit some lower runners on the firm fairways of Bandon too.  I think it really depends on your distance needs as to which loft you choose.  I found the 18* to be long, but still hit the ball plenty high.  I went with a Project X Smoke 80 hybrid 6.0 shaft which is very consistent and smooth.  It is on the lower spinning and launching side of things so this combo worked out really well.

The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron has amazingly solid feel.  It is a hollow design, but feels more like a forged iron than a hollow club.  This solid feel translates into confidence and joy hitting shots off the tee, out of the rough or from the fairway.  The 431 stainless steel body is laser welded to a CS455 clubface which produces great sound and a hot feel at impact.  You will be hard pressed to find a better feeling utility iron on the market. 

The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron was an ideal club for my trip to Bandon Dunes.  It performs great for “links” style golf.  The strong launch, low spin and ability to hit any shot makes it a scoring machine at a place like Bandon Dunes.  I could drive the ball into the wind with control or run it down the fairway with a true “linksy” shot.  I could hit it high too when I needed to control the run out some.  Long par 3s or long approach shots were accurate too.  It is always nice to have a clean look at birdie from 220 out.

The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron is also a great value.  While I don’t often talk about the cost of clubs since everyone’s budget varies, but all things considered, this club is a steal.  It depends on your shaft selection, but a steel shaft option starts at $150 and the graphite options starts at $195.  (If you order on the Cyber Monday Sale you can get 15% off that).  It is one of the best looking and performing utility irons at one of the best prices; that combo is hard to beat.

FlightScope Xi Tour Launch Monitor

New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron 18*

  • Spin: 3144 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 19.7*
  • Dispersion: 3.3 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 96.9 mph
  • Ball Speed: 135.2 mph
  • Total Distance:  227.4 yds
  • Carry Distance:  215.1 yds

The New Level NLU-01 Utility Iron has raised the bar for utility clubs.  It literally can hit every shot from the long high bomb, to the low runner, to the soft approach, to even the bump and run around the green.  All that versatility comes with great looks, excellent solid feel and a reasonable price.  It is easy to launch yet maintains great ball speeds and low spin.  If you need a club that can hit every shot, check out the NLU-01 Utility Iron.

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Quick Hits:
+Great feel
+Easy launch
+Clean looks
+Low spin
+Many options
+Excellent value