REVIEW: Nicklaus Apparel

Jack's Apparel is Right on Target
The Golden Bear is famous for many things in golf.  His winnings on tour, his course design work and his golf products.  He has had his hand in just about everything golf related.  If you check out his website, you will see the extensive list of products he is either involved with or endorses.  One of the main stay products he has had over the years has been an apparel line.  In the past I can’t say I was a huge fan of the materials or the designs.  But his newest line is changing my opinion.  The new Nicklaus Apparel is right on target in terms of price, design, quality and fit.  It also just so happen Target is one of the main distributors.
The New Nicklaus Apparel is actually produced by Perry Ellis who licenses apparel for dozens of companies.  The new Staydri line for Nicklaus Apparel is very nice.  The tech fabric has a nice sheen to it.  The new subliminal dye method makes for a really nice pattern on the shirt.   This also allow the material to be very stretchy.  I was impressed how much motion this shirt had even with a nice form fitting shape.  This is also the other area where this shirt impressed.  The loose/old man fit was gone and a trim, but not tight fit is in.  While I’m not the skinniest guy, I didn’t feel stuff into this size M.  It fit very nicely.

Nicklaus Apparel  offers real quality, nice style, a great fit and the right price.  I like polos made by other companies that run upwards of $100.   There are times that I will splurge on a polo or two in that range, but at $25 I could fill a closet of Nicklaus polos and be pretty happy.  Their availability at Target also makes it convenient for my shopping habits.   The in store or online options make it a nice choice if I suddenly need a new polo on short notice.  Sure it’s not a golf store, but Target is far more convenient than any local golf store.  This combination of price, accessibility and quality make these shirts a great choice.  I also appreciate the lack of bold branding on the shirt, just Nicklaus on one sleeve.

Nicklaus Apparel also makes shorts.  They too have many of the same qualities and designs as the shirt.  They are made of a similar Staydri material, although slightly thicker.  It too has a nice touch on the skin and offers good stretch.  The fit is also a good balance of space, yet not too loose.  I’m a size 34 and these fit like they should.  There was plenty of space to walk and move however I wanted in them.  They are short enough that they don’t catch on my knees when riding in a cart, but long enough to not feel like “short” shorts.  They have a “cargo” style side pocket that I didn’t really use much, but if you like to keep you golf accessories out of your front or back pockets, it is another option.

The Nicklaus Apparel shorts come in at the $30 price point, again making them a good value.  They certainly don’t look like a lower priced short.  They have great texture, style and color that make them appear to be a much higher price point shorts.  The main pockets are well done and deep enough to hold tees, score cards and phones without fear of them falling when riding in a power cart.

There are multitudes of golf apparel companies out there, Jack attached his name to this one and I’d say finally got it right.  The style, material, sizing, and price point are all right on target.  If you are looking for a good quality addition to your golf wardrobe that won’t break the bank, check out your local Target store. 

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Quick Hits
+Nice style
+Good fit
+Quality materials
+Excellent price point