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Review: Nike Covert Driver

The most anticipated driver of 2013: Delivered.
In 2013 just about every company has a new driver, almost every one is a variation of last years driver, except the much talked about, highly anticipated Nike Covert Driver.  This driver seems to be generating the most buzz and is the most unique design of 2013.  This isn’t the first time unique designs have been introduced to the golfing industry, the real question is; does it deliver on it’s promises?  After having the Nike Covert in the bag for my winter golf vacation, I believe Nike is in for a big year, they certainly delivered with the new Nike Covert Driver.

The Nike Covert has more conversation points than a morning talk show host; the color, the adjustability, the cavity back, the two versions, and the performance.  It seems like Nike went all out with this design, as well as signing a whole bunch of young talent to show case the Nike products on the PGA tour.
Appearance is a big factor when it comes to the Nike Covert Driver.  When you pull this driver out of your bag, people are going to notice.  The red crown is eye-catching, but in a pleasing way.  There is a white swoosh by the heel, but it really isn’t distracting in any way.  I didn’t even notice it while playing.  The overall shape is about the most pleasant of any driver you can find.  The Tour model was the one I was using and it is slightly less than 460cc and it just looks perfect behind the ball: compact, yet big enough.  The sole appareance is obviously dominated by the big cavity.  To me this driver just looks mean.  It is done with sinister black and red tones that really look sharp.

The new Nike VRS Covert Adjustable hosel is the best on the market right now.  It is the easiest and most adjustable of any current driver.  The 2 independent cogs allow you to set loft and direction separately.  While in the most extreme settings it might not be perfect, any where in the mid-range lofts it looks right, left or neutral.  On the course, these setting do make a difference.  The loft does go up and down accordingly and the lofts seemed pretty close to right on.  The Right, Left or Neutral settings also seemed to impact initial ball direction.  It doesn’t cure a slice or a hook, but it does help get the ball started on the intended path.  The twist of the wrench and a couple slides of the 2 cogs and this driver is ready to go.  I liked that I could raise the loft, yet not raise spin.  The low spin head can now be loft adjusted without major impact on spin, so you can get a higher lofted club with lower spin.  I actually went with the 10.5 setting because I was getting such good spin numbers and adding the extra loft added some yardage.

The sound of the Nike Covert is so pleasing to the ears, gone are the aluminum bat days and in are the solid metal cracks.  The sound tuning of this driver is really good and it feels really hot.  The weight distribution along with the cavity back really give this driver a solid pop off the face.

The NexCore face is a variable thickness face that feels great, but most importantly is forgiving.  Even on the smaller sized Tour head, I had great control even with my winter swing.  I couldn’t believe how forgiving the face was.  I know I didn’t hit the center every time, but I certainly found the fairway most of the time.  It would be assumed that the Tour head being smaller and designed for the better player would not be very forgiving, but I found it to be excellent in this category.  I would imagine the standard head would be even more forgiving. 

The real joy comes on the course.  From the 1st tee shot to the last one on my vacation, it was a pure joy to rip this driver down the middle with great distance.  I can’t tell for certain if it was much longer than my other drivers, but at sea-level I hit a few over 3bills.  I was pretty happy to see those in the middle of winter.  The stock shaft is a real deal Mitsubishi Kuro Kage.  It has a tight feel with lower spin and mid trajectory.  It is kind of like a Diamana Blue Board, with just a little more kick feeling.  The shaft combined with the low spin head set to a higher launch was a perfect combo to tackle Teeth of the Dog in the Dominican Republic this winter.  I had a great couple rounds with it there and found a high percentage of fairways.  I didn’t count the exact number because I was distracted by the beautiful ocean scenery.

The Nike VRS Covert driver might be the most highly anticipated driver of 2013, and for good reason.  It looks cool, has new technology, is fully adjustable and flat out delivers great performance.

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Quick Hits
+Best loft/direction adjustable hosel
+Solid sound and feel
+Delivers great performance
+Excellent stock shaft

–Only in red

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