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Review: Nike Covert Hybrid

Dial in this hybrid for amazing results
Hybrids are best for filling gaps between your woods and irons.  They are designed to be easier to hit than long irons and more precise than a fairway wood.  They currently come in all different shapes and sizes.  They come in anything from a 3-wood loft to a 7 iron loft.  I’ve been playing a hybrid now for a number of years.  My very first hybrid was the Nike CPR.  It was a similar red to the Nike Covert line for 2013.  Since then, Nike and hybrids have come a long way.  The Nike Covert Tour hybrid matches their other woods with its unique cavity back and the most adjustable hosel on the market.  There are 2 tour hybrids for 2013.  The 3 which is adjustable from 17*-21* and the 4 which covers 22*-26*.  I just used the 3 since I don’t play a higher lofted hybrid.  The size is more compact than the VRS hybrid I had in my bag for 2012.  It is still a wood, but on the smaller side.
I think having an adjustable hosel on a hybrid is much more useful than people think.  It seems that most adjustable hosels are found on drivers, but a hybrid makes more sense to me.  A hybrid is all about getting it dialed in so you hit it consistently the same distance and same trajectory over and over.  They typically need to fill a yardage gap.  The Flex-fit hosel on the Nike Covert can be adjusted independently for loft and face angle.  You just release the dual cogs and set it to what you want.  I went with the 18* Neutral setting which was close to the other hybrids I’ve been playing give or take a degree. 

I put this hybrid in the bag with the rest of the Covert line.  I was really impressed with the driver (review here), but initially the hybrid was just “meh”.  I was hitting it OK, but it didn’t seem impressive.  My swing wasn’t really dialed in and I just didn’t get comfortable with it on my first round.  But after that first round and a minor swing tweak this hybrid came alive.  I consistently hit it longer than any other hybrid.  I hit it over 250yards off the tee, dead straight on a perfectly flat hole, with little roll.  I couldn’t believe how long it was.  I’ve since dialed it back to take a little distance off.  I’m now playing it at 20* and getting around the 225 yardage with a little softer landing too.   If I wanted to replace a 3-wood, this might be an option to play it at 17*.  It would be so long.

The forgiveness and accuracy of this hybrid are excellent.  The cavity back creates a high MOI and the tall face is excellent.  There seems to be little distance loss on off-center hits.  I hit this hybrid very straight.  It was much like an iron in that regard rather than a wood.  I’m guessing I’m like many other golfers that are more accurate with an iron than a wood.  The Nike Covert plays like an iron for me.  The thin sole width was nice for getting down on the ball like an iron too.  Even at address the face looks like an iron with a red body.  The smaller body also works well in the rough, it can cut right through the taller grass.

The Kuro Kage shaft is a nice 80gram hybrid shaft that is very stable and smooth.  It is a true mid trajectory with plenty of kick.  The spin seemed mid to low.  I really felt like I could go after the ball with this shaft and head combo and not worry about losing it to the right or left.

The feel of the Nike Covert hybrid is closer than an iron as well.  It feels really solid.  It doesn’t have that hollow pop of a wood, but more thud like an iron.  Initially that had me wondering if it was hot or not.  It was hard to tell what was really going on, it has a different feel from the hybrids I’ve been playing.  My guess is the smaller body, with much of it missing to the cavity back, there isn’t much volume to create that sensation.  While the feel isn’t the hottest I’ve hit, the distance proves that it is.

If you are looking for a hybrid that can be dialed in to exactly what you  need, this is the best option out there.  If you go with the lowest loft it might be a 3-wood replacement, or you can set the loft up higher and use it to fill the gap between 3-wood and your first iron.  While this club didn’t “wow” me on my first round with it, since then it has been spectacular.  It is easy to hit, elevates quickly, and is long.  The driver and fairway woods have been getting a lot of attention as Nike’s tour staff has them in their bags, but don’t over look this hybrid that can be dialed in perfectly to your needs.

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Quick Hits
+Compact hybrid
+Solid iron like feel
+Fully adjustable hosel
+Super long in low loft setting

-Took a round to warm up to the club

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