Review: Nike Covert Tour 2.0 3-wood

"Mini-Me" of the Covert Tour 2.0 Driver
Almost every driver made has a matching 3-wood (and other woods), but just because they match in name or color, rarely do they match in every way.  The Nike Covert Tour 2.0 3-wood is a “Mini-Me” of the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 Driver.  They are identical in shape, sound, feel and even performance is very close, just slightly less in the 3-wood.  (as you want)  It is a true “Mini-Me” of the Covert Tour 2.0 Driver.
“fly brace” really improves this 3-wood.  It really felt and performed so much like the driver, just scaled back.  The appearance is just a like a shrunken driver.  It is very compact, round and has a taller face.  One unique aspect of the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 sole is very radiused from heel to toe.  This rounded sole allows for less turf dig since only the narrow section in the middle interacts with the ground.

Nike offers two version of the Covert 2.0, the Tour and Performance.  I opted for the Tour since I’ve had a good history with the Tour models as well as playing the Tour driver.  While it isn’t going to be as forgiving, I found it to offer incredible performance.  My first round with this 3-wood was really good.  I hit it mostly off the tee because of the course I was playing and it did exactly what i wanted it to do.  It went perfectly straight and was just short of driver distance.  It was the control and confidence that sets this club apart from some of the others I’ve hit.  It didn’t have a fade or draw bias, it didn’t hit with super low spin or high spin, it just worked.  The trajectory was right in the window that fits my eye.  The Flightscope testing confirmed the launch angle was really good.  I went with the straight 15* setting because it really seemed like the best fit.  I didn’t want to squeeze out any more yards, nor did I want to hit it higher or lower.

Once I got this club on the course I found it to be an absolute beast off the tee.  I really is a “mini” driver.  I had incredible confidence off the tee with this 3-wood.  I could step-up and bomb it down the fairway.  It was a few yards shorter than my driver, but it was straighter and offered more options off the tee.   I could hit it high to clear some trees or I could play it low and cheat the wind.  I really liked it on tight driving holes or holes when I wanted to lay-up short of trouble.  It served as the perfect “mini” driver.

Off the fairway it took a couple swipes to get the feel of this club.  The black face almost seemed like it was on-set.  By that I mean it almost appeared to be in front of the shaft, instead of many which might have even a little off-set.  But once I learned it was really just an optical illusion, I swung away with confidence and had virtually the same results as I did off the tee: control of trajectory and accuracy at the target.

The sound of the Nike Covert Tour 2.0 3-wood is a little more lively than the previous model, which was good, but maybe a bit too muted.  This one has just a little more metallic pop, yet lacking any hollow feeling.  The NexCOR face really offers great ball speed and excellent feel.  The face in on the taller side so that can be nice, especially off the tee, but even in the fairway I seemed to find the sweet spot regularly, which by the way is fairly large.  The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi shaft is a nice upgrade too.  It is really stable and offers great feel.  At 70grams it offers that good balance of weight, yet easy to swing.  Topped with the Golf Pride’s red “wrap” like grip, it really is a good looking, well performing combo.

Nike continues to make great progess with their golf clubs.  Each year they push forward with new ideas and new technologies.  The Covert Tour 2.0 3-wood is another example of improving their previous product.  This 3-wood is a “Mini-Me” of the Covert Tour 2.0 Driver.  If you like the driver, you will love the 3-wood.  It is just a deflated looking version of it, with performance just a little less than the driver, just like you want.  It is a true “Mini-Me” of the Covert Tour 2.0 Driver.

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Quick Hits:
+Same shape as driver only smaller
+Excellent Control
+Solid feel
+Forgiving and accurate

–Some still don’t like the red.