Review: Nike Covert Tour 2.0 Driver

A Bigger, Better Covert!
Last year Nike made a splash with the Covert series drivers.  The cavity back driver with it’s red crown was something new and unique.  While it was a great driver and I played it numerous rounds in 2013, there was some room for improvement.  Many of the Nike staffers were either reluctant to play it or had minimal success with it in the bag.  The Covert 2.0 is in the bag successfully for Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.  It is in their bags and the other Nike staffers because it is bigger and better in 2014.
The biggest change is the size of the tour head.  While the additional 20cc of head size doesn’t seem like a lot, that extra size is where it counts, in the face.  Going from 440cc to 460cc makes a big difference in this club when it comes to forgiveness.  The head doesn’t look much bigger front to back, but heel to toe, it is wider and thus more forgiving.  I found this driver much easier to play on days when my ball striking wasn’t perfect.  I took it with me to Puerto Rico and on a tight course, I was able to hit the majority of fairways even after a winter layoff.

The Nike Flex Loft system is still the best there is when it comes to adjustability.  Their multiple lofts coupled with an independent directional cog really offers the greatest variety of fit in one club.  I actually went up in loft higher than normal and found the results even better.  While I often play a 9.5* head to keep spin down and launch in a good window, I was able to play this driver set at 11.5*.  I was able to get a higher launch angle without adding substantial spin.  I was hitting towering drives that still hit the fairway running.

I also found this head to be lower spin than the previous Covert.  This also helps being able to go up in loft yet still maximizing the distance.  I also like the lower spin for straighter drives.    When I start adding spin is when my ball also tends to move away from the target line, most often away from it.

Nike has come a long way in the sound department.  The original Covert almost went too far in that it was too muted and almost dead feeling.  The Covert 2.0 is a perfect blend of toned down crack.  It really has a good pop sensation off the face.  It is audibly louder, but not obnoxiously loud.  I think people are really going to like the sound of the Covert 2.0.  It is a big improvement.  Some of the sound might be improved from the new Fly brace technology which makes the cavity back stiffer and the club overall more stable.

The Fly Brace technology is also a major part of improving the overall performance of this club.  Lowering spin, more forgiving, better sounding and feeling are all tied to the improved cavity back of this driver.  The Flightscope chart below puts this as just about the best stock driver you can buy.  The real deal Kuro Cage TiNi shaft is a very good compliment to this head.  Smooth feel with tight dispersion make this a straight hitting combo.  The pros have found success because they are able to work the ball both ways with this driver, which the first version was tougher to do so.  I’m not one to work the ball of the tee, so an even straighter driver is fine by me.  I think that combo of better weight distribution in the head and lower spin works really well.

Nike also dealt with some of the constant complaints about their headcovers and grips.  The 2014 headcover is back to the regular pull on sock-like headcover without magnets.  The new grip is also going to be pleasing to many who didn’t like their previous “velvet” style grip.  Now they have a Golf Pride red wrap grip.  It is soft and tacky.  The overall package is nice.  Very red, but still all top quality features for a tour quality driver.

Nike went Bigger and Better in 2014 with the Covert driver.   While the red head might still be a turn off to some, the performance of this driver doesn’t lie;  it is really good right off the rack and allows you to dial in your loft and direction very easily.  The 460cc “tour” head is more forgiving and manageable in the hands of a low to mid handicap golfer.  It is a Bigger and Better Covert.

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Quick Hits:
+Bigger face
+More forgiving
+Better Sound
+Great stock shaft
+Lower spin

–Still red only