Review: Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoes

March Madness and Golf Shoes
It is that time of year when the hardwood is on our minds just as much as the greens. Typically they don’t have very much in common until now.  Nike has long been known for their basketball shoes.  For all my hoop playing days I always had a Nike shoe on: Airs, Flights, Jordans and Dunks.  In 2012 I can now wear those on the golf course too, with the introduction of Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoes.
If you just look at the uppers, you couldn’t tell them apart from their basketball counterparts.  The same style, the same design, the same feel, the same exact everything (except these are waterproof, but you can’t see that).  If you’ve ever had a pair for playing basketball, you know what to expect when it comes to fit and feel.  They are extremely comfortable right out of the box.  The basketball version is made running and jumping; so the gentleness of walking and swinging left no break in period necessary for the golf version.  They fit more like an athletic shoe than a traditional dress golf shoe style.  They also come in more fun colors than a typical golf shoe.  While that might not appeal to all age levels, golfers that like a more athletic, colorful look will find a Nike Dunk shoe a perfect fit.  Although I was a little surprised they didn’t make a Black and Red shoe to go with their basketball heritage and the VR line of clubs.  (I predict a special edition shoe coming down the road)

Being that they are based on a basketball shoe, they offer a very athletic fit and function on the course.  Sometimes it feels like golf shoes get too narrow and kind of want to roll side to side, almost rolling your ankle.  But these have a wider, more stable platform that really feels like they keep your feet solidly attached to the ground. I think they also fit a little wider foot appealing to some golfers that can’t always find a wide enough fit in their golf shoe.

I liked the sole details too, it had the circular patterns of the basketball shoe with golf cleats inserted in the proper positions for maximum grip on the course.  While they offer amazing traction, I actually wouldn’t have minded if they had used a spikeless golf sole on these shoes.  I like the looks and comfort of them so much, I honestly could wear them all the time.  On my casual days I often wear a basketball style shoe anyways and these would have looked great.

These are not Nike’s lightest shoes, but they didn’t feel too heavy either.  They felt just like the basketball shoes on the course.  A good athletic weight and stability along with that stylish look.  I had no problems walking 18 holes right out of the box.  After 5 rounds with them, they still are incredibly comfortable to walk in and offer great stability.

I really like the cross-over between sport in these shoes.   They are bright and stylish, comfortable and stable; they really are the perfect golf shoe for former/current hoops players.  It is March Madness on the greens.

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Quick Hits
+Basketball inspired looks
+Comfortable right out of the box
+Very stable for playing

–Could have been spikeless for the ultimate shoe