Review: Nike FI Impact 2 Shoes

Free Inspired Golf Shoe with Running Shoe Comfort
Running shoes are not ideal for golfing in, but many golfers can’t walk comfortably 18 holes in their golf shoes.  The leather structured spiked shoe just doesn’t have enough cushion and comfort to walk 18 holes for many golfers, they need something more like a running shoe to make it around the course.  My high school team often likes to wear running shoes because they are so much more comfortable than traditional golf shoes.  The Nike FI Impact 2 shoes are the perfect solution.  They offer the comfort of a running shoe, with the grip and waterproof of a golf shoe.

I know it is a good sign for a pair of shoes, when I go out of my way to make sure my golf apparel coordinates with a certain pair of shoes so I can wear them more often.  Nike helped out with their #DontSleepOnSummer kit of matching apparel.  I actually like wearing them as much off the course as I do on the course.  They are really comfortable for walking around or for doing just about anything.  They rank up near the top of the list as most comfortable shoes I own.

On the course they offer excellent flex for walking as well as good cushion for all 18 holes.  They are waterproof for those dew sweeper rounds and yet breath nicely for the summer scorcher.  They are not leather so they are really lightweight, very flexible and feel much like a pair of running shoes. 

Their shape in how it fits the foot is really good too.  The toe box is slightly wider, yet the shoelaces can cinch up the uppers to really fit to the form of your foot.  They are comfortable without any sloppiness in the fit of my regular 9.5 size.

A key component of any golf shoe is their traction.  While these don’t grip like the Lunar Control 3 shoes do since those have spikes, they still have ample traction in wet or dry conditions.  The modified sole is different than the other spikeless shoes have.  Their contours and flex points allow them to grip very nicely.  I didn’t have any issues on the course, and the sole design still offer a smooth walk on any surface.  It isn’t a collection of tiny lugs, but large tread patterns for creating grip.

Sure these aren’t your traditional golf shoe, but they offer so much more in terms of comfort, support and walkability over a traditional shoes.  They quickly became one of my favorite summer golf shoes.  If you don’t have a good pair of walking shoes for golf, check out these Free Inspired Golf shoes that feel more like running shoes.

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Quick Hits
+Running shoe comfort
+Good walking support
+Spikeless for on and off the course use
+Good traction
+Nice fit with space but not sloppy

–Not everyone likes the non-traditional look