Review: Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT Raincoat

The Best Raincoat by a Long Stretch
Every golfer wishes it was 75* and sunny for every round of golf, but we all know that isn’t always the case.  Even though some golfers will only play when the weather is ideal those of us who are a little more serious about golf or have a golf trip planned know that rain gear is vital.  I recently took a trip to Pebble Beach and when I left home the weather report said there was a good chance of rain while I would be there.  After traveling that far and making all the arrangements, I wasn’t going to skip my round over a little rain.  (Thankfully, like usual, the weather report was wrong and I had a beautiful sunny day).  So while I didn’t need to use my raincoat at Pebble Beach, I did get to use it back home in MN this fall during some cold rainy weather.  I must admit, Nike just made the best raincoat by a long stretch.
The key factor is the stretch.  So many coats either have great rain repelling materials or stretchy materials that don’t keep all the rain out, but not both; until now.  The best feature of this coat is that it both stretches and repels water perfectly.   Nike sent this coat out in one of the coolest boxes I have seen.  It had a window on the cover with their Hyperadapt stretch material in it and then a plastic embossed swoosh underneath to show it’s stretch.  Inside it had an interactive like display of regular raincoat material and the stretchy Hyperadapt material.  It was obvious which on felt better.

Fancy packaging is great, but on the course and in the rain is still the true test.  The rain repelling is something that most raincoats can do, but the real issue is what happens to your swing and game?  Can you still enjoy your round in a raincoat?  I think that the Nike Hyperadapt is the best coat to play golf in because of the amount of stretch.  I put this jacket on and immediately could feel the difference.  It was nice to have a well fitting jacket that still allows you to move.  Some raincoats you need to get a size larger for the swing, but then feel like you are wearing a sail.  You can get a nice fitting coat that has exceptional range of motion with the Nike Hyperadapt coat.  You want a jacket that will stretch across your back and elbows yet the sleeves stay in place so there is no strange bunching or binding during the swing.

The rain repellant ability of this coat I would put up against any other coat on the market.  You are more likely to get wet from water running down your face or creeping up your sleeve off your hands or rain gloves.  Your main torso will stay dry and warm, without overheating.  The venting, stretch and material make it really comfortable in a warm rain or cold rain.

Beyond the stretch, the other details make this a great coat too.  It is slightly brighter than some, but the greys, blacks and hint of lime really make for a sporty, but good looking coat.  The cuffs fit nicely right at the wrist with some velcro adjustments to get just the right fit.  The pockets are zipper sealed, are tucked inside and are plenty deep, yet easy to access for items you want to put in there.  The main zipper seals up perfectly so that I never had any issues with it leaking; plus the inner flap is the fail safe just in case.  The bottom of the coat hangs nicely at your waist and can be cinched snug enough so you don’t have it blowing all over the place in the wind.

Even if you may not want to play in the rain often, you might as well get the best raincoat just in case you do decide to play in the rain or get stuck in the rain during a planned round.  Nike has a history of innovation and they didn’t let me down.  The Nike Hyperadapt Storm-FIT coat is the best raincoat by a long stretch.

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Quick Hits
+Stretch waterproof material
+Stylish looks
+Doesn’t impede golf swing
+Keeps wind out for warmth
+Vents to stay cool

–limited color options.