Review: Nike Lunar Bandon Golf Shoes

Mudders 2.0 - Even better for taking on Bandon -
These shoes are named after one of the greatest golf properties on the planet.  Bandon is a special place to play golf, but it does have a couple unique feature that you can expect to encounter while playing there, rough terrain and rainy weather.  It is probable that you will face some combination rain, wind and mud at some point during your stay at Bandon.  Since you will be walking for your multiple rounds on at the resort, a pair of shoes that can withstand the conditions and usage are invaluable.
The Lunar Bandons are the second version of such a shoe, the first ones were known as the Zoom Bandons. (review here)  They are both built with the same premise in mind, keeping your feet clean, warm and dry even in the most extreme mudder situations.  Unfortunately this time around I wasn’t able to actually use these shoes at Bandon, but I did have some really muddy conditions this fall in MN.  There was plenty of rain, mud, sticky sand and even some “other” elements that came into play.

First of all, there is no other shoe on the market that is even close to being able to handle the conditions like these shoes.  They are simply better than anything else when it comes to rain and mud.  The outer shield is impenetrable.  It zips up at an angle for better comfort and a great seal.  It is the only possible leak point, but since it is sealed, you can spay water from a hose at them and they still won’t let water or anything else in.  I simply walked everywhere with them, right through any puddle I could find.  I even walked into the shallow part of a pond to see how they would work, and minutes later, still dry feet.  They looks like they almost have a galosh style wrap around the  lower foot which keeps everything out and the upper sheild is zippered and snapped for a seal to about 4″ deep.  If you go deeper than that, it comes in over the top, hip waders would be the next option if you are going that deep in water.

The biggest improvement with the Lunar Bandons vs. the Zoom Bandons is the comfort.  Nike’s Lunarlon sole is much softer and more comfortable so that from day one these didn’t need even need the slightest amount of breaking in.  I walked 18 right out of the box and my feet were as cozy and comfy as ever.  6 rounds later they still feel great.  Not only is the Lunarlon a big benefit, so is the heel cut.  If you look at the back of the shoe, there is a noticeable cut out in the heel area.  This offers greater flexibility and less rub while walking.

Another change was going from the replaceable spikes to molded rubber spikes.  They are not spikeless, but they do have a solid sole that is formed with aggressive cleats.  This is a nice addition because the previous replaceable spikes would clog with dirt and grime fairly easily and removal or changing them was rather difficult, now there is no need for that. 

A subtle little difference is the new lace system used by the Lunar Bandon shoes.  Instead of slightly bulky regular laces, they now use a very thin lace, almost like wire with a slide toggle near the tongue.  This allows for a less bulky feel or a strange sensation from the knotted shoe laces that are compressed under the outer shield.

If you are headed to Bandon to play golf, you might want to invest in these shoes.  Not only do they handle everything the courses can throw at them, they also do a great job of supporting your ankles for the miles of dunes and valleys you will traverse while on the property.  It is no easy walk on the Pacific coast.  The uneven terrain will takes its toll.  These offer just enough support without being bulky or restrictive. 

While these shoes might not be your everyday, beautiful weather shoe, if you play in rough weather conditions, these are simply the best shoe you can buy.  They only come in black and bright yellow/green, but they still look nice with just about any rain gear.  Your feet will be happy that you used them.  These are the second version of the Nike Bandon shoe and they are even better now for taking on Bandon.

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Quick Hits
+Impermeable to rain, sand and mud
+Lunarlon Comfort
+Molded cleats
+High-top ankle support

–Maybe a bit much for everyday golf use