Review: Nike Lunar Command 2 Shoes w/BOA

A Good Shoe Made Great
Nike has always had a good stable of golf shoes.  Their various shoe technologies have made them one of my favorite over the years.  I still regularly wear a couple pairs of shoes that are multiple seasons old now.  The Lunar Command has number of features that make a it a really nice golf shoe.  The one new feature that make these a great shoe is the addition of BOA lace system.  While BOA isn’t new to golf shoes, it is new to Nike and I’ve only used BOA for a couple golf shoes prior to these.  As I’ve said with previous BOA shoes, I want BOA on every shoe I own.  The ease, comfort and precision of fit with BOA is amazing.  They make good shoes great!
The Nike Lunar Command 2 Shoes w/BOA offer amazing comfort right out of the box.  This continues to be one of my top criteria for golf shoes.  “Can I wear them comfortably from day 1?”  I put these on when they arrived and went straight to the course.  While I don’t get to walk 18 all that often any more in AZ, these had zero slip, no rubbing and didn’t cause a single discomfort.  I’ve worn them for 5 rounds since and they are just as comfortable as they were on day one.

The Nike Lunarlon mid-sole offers that perfect balance between soft and firm; squishy enough to absorb shock, but firm enough to feel connected to the ground.  This is where much of the comfort of these shoes starts.  The heel cup is another feature that can make or break a shoe for me.  These have ample padding all around the heel area so there was no cutting in by my achilles tendon.  The leather uppers were also supple so that step after step there was no creases that cut into the foot.

The Nike Lunar Command 2 Shoes w/BOA also have amazing stability.  If you aren’t into the whole “minimalist” shoes, than these will be a perfect fit for you.  The soles have amazing traction.  The design of the cleats and sole are relatively tradition with the Champ Spikes.  The spikes are a new design, which have a slight swirl to the lugs, but are placed in kind of your normal spiked shoe locations.  The rubber sole is very flexible which adds to comfort and traction.  The size of the sole itself is also pretty important as it extends beyond the side-walls of the shoe slightly for excellent stability which reduces roll when you walk or swing.

What really makes the Nike Lunar Command 2 Shoes w/BOA great is the BOA closure system.  The stainless-steel laces controlled by the dial on the tongue of these shoes offers a superior fit and is super quick and easy.  Literally I can have my shoes on or off in seconds.  I know speed isn’t that big of factor (unless you are running late for your tee time) but the easy and precision is what makes these shoes great.  All you have to do is twist the dial to get an exact fit.  Each click moves the laces just millimeters so you can get an exact fit, with the pressure evenly divided across the whole top of the shoe.  The lift to release the button means that the laces are instantly loosened and you can take your shoes off.  I just love what BOA adds to these shoes.

I really like that Nike added BOA to their Lunar Command 2 shoes.  The expansion of the BOA line up now included more brands and more options.  Yes BOA adds about $20 to the cost of these shoes, but it is worth every penny.  They made a very good shoe great when the BOA lace system was added.

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Quick Hits:
+Right out of the box comfort
+Excellent stability
+Spiked traction
+BOA lace system is awesome
+Great fit