Review: Nike Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoes

3X Comfort, Support and Stability
The Nike Lunar Control 3 shoe is obviously the 3rd version of this shoe model.  While over the past couple seasons I’ve be a Nike TW shoe wearer, the Lunar Controls have risen to the top of Nike’s Golf food chain.  I finally see why these shoes are so popular.  They offer amazing comfort, unparalleled support and amazing stability during the swing and while walking.  Even though I haven’t worn the previous versions, the current model is awesome.  The looks are a little cleaner and many colorway options have the Volt accent color to match the rest of the Nike 2015 golf line.

The start of the comfort, support and stability comes from the outsole/midsole.  This isn’t my first pair of Nike shoes with Lunarlon midsoles, so I knew that the soft midsoles really offer incredible cushion, step after step.  The “wider than the main shoe” outsole offers great stability.  Some shoes have a tendency to roll, but these have no roll because of the width.  This also creates support for your foot too.  You can tell when walking and swinging that your feet are supported and your stance is stable because of the midsole and outsole design.

Add to those features are super traction spikes and plastic base plate of the shoe with all kinds of tread and traction.  I found these were are grippy as any shoe I’ve ever worn, yet had good flex for walking and swinging.  I go back and forth on spikeless or spiked shoes.  As far as spiked shoes goes, these are one of the best.

The upper of the Nike Lunar Control 3 shoes are a waterproof leather with Flywires built in to created even more stability around the upper foot so that there is no “slop” whatsoever around your foot.  They form to a snug, yet comfortable fit for just about any foot shape.  The thin tongue makes certain there is little bulk on the top of the foot, yet has just enough cushion so you don’t feel the laces.

The most important factor for me is out of the box comfort.  I can’t imagine buying a pair of golf shoes anymore that need to be broke in.  These were 18 hole comfortable the moment I put them on.  My regular 9.5 size fits like always. The shoes have sufficient heel padding and the leather and sole are both flexible from day one so that I didn’t get a single blister, nor were my feet even the slightest bit uncomfortable.  Additionally the materials used a lightweight so you don’t feel like your lugging your golf shoes around all afternoon.

Nike Lunar Control 3 shoes are just one of Nike’s great shoes for 2015.  They continue to improve their fleet of shoes.  I’m impressed by the comfort, support and stability of these shoes.  While I didn’t order the Volt colored shoes (which are super cool btw), they offer a nice selection of colors, even custom designed ones if you want.  These are Rory’s shoe for good reason, 3x the comfort, support and stability.

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Quick Hits:
+Lunarlon comfort midsole
+Wide outsole for stability
+Great support
+Out of the box ready
+Good flexibility
+Custom design options

–Spiked shoe, means on-course use only