REVIEW: Nike Swingtip Golf Shoes

Nike takes a swing at spikeless w/style
Speed is the main source of distance.   The faster you swing, the faster the ball launches off the face.  The faster a face can transfer speed to the ball, the longer the ball will go.   However when we try to generate more speed through our swing, fundamentals break down and even though we were trying to gain distance, it comes at the cost of wayward shots and ultimately less distance.  The Epic Speed 3-wood however I found that the harder I swung the more I was rewarded.  Swing speed is rewarded with ball speed.  The technology in this club transfers maximum speed to the ball.
The Swingtip shoes are going to come in a wide variety of colors and looks.  There will be leather, suede and canvass styles.  Within those choices there will be black, white, grey, green, red and blue  color combos.  I went with the suede “grey” versions which actually look more brown/khaki to me. 

The style is a blend of street and sophisticated.  While they are Nike, the swoosh is very subtle, as it is embossed in the suede on the side of the shoe.  The sole also hides the spikes very nicely as it has a rim around the outside of nubs throughout the bottom of the shoe.  It allows for a smooth walk on any surface, fairways, greens, cart paths, even the office floor.  You can’t tell the difference looking at these between a regular shoe and these spikeless golf shoes.

The fit is slightly narrower than some other spikeless style shoes on the market.  If you look around at many of the spikeless shoes they have a wide toe-box area that someone with a slightly narrower foot might find a little sloppy.  The Swingtip shoes on the other hand are a normal width which offers a great snug fit without being tight There was no rubbing but instant comfort from day one.  I did see some retailers suggest getting a 1/2 size bigger.  I guessing that is to accommodate the width.  I stuck with my regular 9.5M and these fit great.

The suede uppers are really supple and flexible, along with just the right placement of foam padding making these shoes incredibly comfortable.  They are not waterproof as many spikeless shoes, but they will survive a run-in with damp grass from time to time.

The Lunarlon insole is the real comfort maker in these shoes.  It offers a soft step without being to squishy.  Along with that soft comfort, the weight on these shoes is incredibly light.  Other spikeless shoes can get very heavy, but not these.  The lightweight materials and sole design allows for fatigue reduction while wearing these shoes.

The traction of the Nike Swingtip is like any spikeless shoe, just about as good as any spiked shoe under normal conditions, but on a very rare occasions there might be a slight slip. (I’ve slipped with spiked shoes too)  I was walking up a really steep hill with overgrown long grass that was wet and slipped just a little bit.  Under normal swing conditions these will keep you secured to the ground nicely.

Nike Swingtip shoes will come in a wide variety of styles and colors.  They will work well for both on and off the course.  The spikeless design is very well done since it is hidden when not in use, but functions well on the course.  If you are looking to add some sophisticated street style to your golf wardrobe, check out the Swingtips. 

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Quick Hits

+Lightweight Lunarlon comfort
+Soft suede uppers
+Stylish (s)wing tips
+Disguised spikeless

–Narrower than some shoes