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REVIEW: Nike Tour Premiere Shoes

The Future of Golf Shoes
10 years ago when I started reviewing golf shoes, there weren’t too many options.  Shoes companies were just scratching the surface for styles, designs and functions of golf shoes.  The “traditional” spiked saddle shoe was still the most popular golf shoe on the market.  Now you’d be hard pressed to find those on the golf course.  The options have exploded and the details and function have expanded.  Nike has always been on the cutting edge of golf shoes and the Tour Premiere shoes are the future of golf shoes.
The first thing that you will notice about the Nike Tour Premiere shoes is their lack of laces, or at least visible laces.  They call it FastFit lockdown.  It is pull strap that tightens all the hidden laces around your foot.   It is the fastest and easiest lace system of any shoe I’ve ever worn.  It almost reminds me of the “Back to the Future” laces.  Not quite automatic, but certainly fast and easy.  The red strap releases the lockdown when you want to take your shoes off or if you accidentally locked them down too tight.

The Nike Tour Premiere Shoes have a very futuristic look.  Their laceless appearance and design is sleek and modern.    One thing that this design does really well is keep your feet dry.  While the AZ desert is dry most of the time, when it rains, it rains hard.  These shoes keep my feet dry unless I walk through water that is over the top of my socks.  They also clean up really well too because they don’t have laces to get dirty.

The Nike Tour Premiere shoe is aimed at the golfer that wants the ultimate golf shoe.  These aren’t shoes you wear on date night, or anywhere off the golf course. Their spiked traction is amazing.  The sole is a little on the stiffer side for stability, but also grip.  It is formed to engage the spikes and the area around the spikes for zero slippage.  The Tour Premieres offer a platform of the most aggressive swinger without fear of slippage.  Your feet are stable and locked to the ground with these shoes.

The Nike Tour Premiere shoes were so comfortable right out of the box.  I actually played 36 holes in them the first time I wore them for golf.  The tongue of the shoe doesn’t open up real wide so they are a little snug getting on, but once your foot is in the shoe, it is greeted by padding and cushion on every step.  I like that Nike doesn’t change their sizing over the years.  I still wear a 9.5M in these shoes as I do in every Nike shoe.

While Nike doesn’t make clubs anymore, they are focusing on what they do best: shoes.  The Nike Tour Premiere shoes are the future of golf shoes.  They are worn by their up and coming tour pros. Brooks Koepka wore these shoes to win the PGA championship.  I can see why an aggressive swinger would want shoes like this.  These spiked golf shoes provide amazing traction, great stability, superior waterproofing and FastFit lockdown laces.   If you want to wear the future of golf shoes, the Tour Premieres are the shoe for you.

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Quick Hits:
+FastFit Lockdown laces
+Amazing traction
+Super waterproof
+Sleek design
+Lots of cushion and padding
+Comfortable out of the box

–Tight to get on

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