Review: Nike Tour Premium Shoes

It’s all about the leather
Everyone knows there are different qualities of leather.  No matter what leather product you buy, there is often a reason one store can sell a leather jacket for $50 and another for $500.  It is not just mark-up. You can typically see and feel the difference.  Golf shoes are no different.  It might not be something talked about or discussed a whole lot, but there is a difference in the leather between the low-end golf shoe and the high-end one.  I found this to be true with Nike’s new high-end Tour Premium Golf Shoe.
The leather is clearly the greatest feature of these shoes.  It is soft, supple, and waterproof.  From the moment I slipped these on I could tell the difference.  There wasn’t any beak-in period.  There weren’t any uncomfortable creases or folds in the leather, it was like walking in broken in shoes from day one.  Not only does the leather offer great comfort, so does the design.  So many golf shoes have seams somewhere over the toes, but the Nike Premiums have two seams right outside of the toes on both sides leaving the forefoot and toes free to enjoy the leather.

The over all design is very classy.  There aren’t any big swooshes or any wild patterns, but just a very distinguished look and pattern to the leather.  The two swooshes on each shoe are very small.  One if by the laces and the other is on the heel.  The shoe is also finished with a dress shoe-like lace.  They are those thin waxy style of shoelace.  While the look and design with these laces are great, the function with a 5-mile walk is just a bit lacking.  I found I would have to retie my shoes at least once every round.  Now maybe this was my inability to tie the shoelaces tight enough, but I didn’t have problems with my other golf shoes.  (I’m guessing a double knot would solve that problem.)

The sole platform is Nike’s standard power channel design with a few directional additions.  Again, I found a premium rubber was used on the sole, too, for instant flex and smooth walking right out of the box.  The insole was soft as expected and vented nicely for a comfortable foot-bed.  The shoes have a somewhat dress shoe look with a longer, pointed toe and a medium height toe box.

I could only find two reasons not to buy these shoes.  They are on the high-end of golf shoes for price and they are very traditional looking.  While golf is a traditional game and these fit well with that tradition, not everyone wants that look.  (Nike has plenty of other shoes for you)  As far as the cost goes, you at least get what you paid for.  Sometimes shoes are all about hype or name or something other than the shoe itself, but with these it’s all about the leather.

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