Review: Nike Vapor Pro Combo Irons

#TheresAlwaysBetter and These are!
Nike Golf has been in the golf industry for a while now and while they’ve always had a good stable of professionals and quality clubs, they believe that they can keep doing better.  That is why they are using #TheresAlwaysBetter.  It really is true of any company and every golfer, no one is playing 18 holes only hitting 18 shots, when that happens there is no better, until then, there are improvements to be made.  The Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons are better than previous VR Pro Combo Irons.  This line of clubs have been one of my favorite since they first came out almost 10 years ago, and they just keep getting better.
Many will obviously gravitate to the new color, Volt.  It is Nike right now, not just in golf, but in all of their branding.  Once you get past the color, which actually looks really sharp in person, you can start seeing the details that make this set so good.  The changes are both the looks and the performance.  The new weighting is key to the balance and feel of the clubs, and the new sole grind is really the secret to better turf interaction.  A similar head shape and forged feel keep these very much in line with past Pro Combo Irons.

The new weighting is across the board of the Vapor series.  The back weight looks V like with more on the edges, specifically more weight out towards the toe.  I’ve talked about this before in previous reviews, but moving the Center of Gravity (CG) to the dead center of the face is a really good thing. It really help create solid contact and when center contact is made it feel so pure.  Every iron in the Vapor Pro Combo set has some shift in weight toward the toe.  Obviously it is different in the long irons compared to the short irons, but manipulating the CG is an improvement.

The second factor that makes these better is the new sole grind.  Previous Pro Combo irons had blunted leading edges and a fairly flat sole.  The Vapor Pro Combo irons have my favorite bevel sole which allows for even better turf interaction.  You can now go hard after it and there is less tendancy to dig, while exiting the turf is easier with the trailing edge relief.   This is one area that I think too many golfers forget to worry about.  I find it to be so critical to my game.  This also means you can’t just test irons on mats, they need to be hit off real movable grass to really understand which sole grind is best for you, but these are perfect for my game.

The Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons aren’t going to add 2 club lengths to your iron game, nor will they change your typical ball flight, but they will be more consistent.  The balance, forgiveness, sole grind, and feel are all improved from previous versions.  Compared to other irons on the market, these are as good as anything out there.  The stock shafts are DG S300 Pro shafts which are a flighted shaft.  I did enjoy the long irons ability to lift off the ground easily, yet carry the appropriate distance.  The mid-irons are basically normal while the short irons bring the flight down a little bit.  I can’t say I need this feature in my short irons and wedges, but from 8-iron — 4-iron these shafts are really great.

On the course I found the whole set to play my normal distances, fairly typical trajectory but with better dispersion.  They were finding greens approach shot after approach shot.  The feel and control were so good too, that I really had a great deal of confidence and scored very well with these in the bag at the end of my 2014 season.  Long irons are easy to hit.  There is just minimal off-set in the Pro Combo irons.  The mid-irons really hunt flags with consistency and the short irons will bring it in tight with good spin for control.  Being a 4-iron through A-wedge these really are gamers right out of the box. I played my normal 54* and 58* wedges with these are all my yardages were covered.

Nike Vapor Pro Combo irons are really good.  The changes to the weighting and sole grind really made them better than previous versions.  The Volt color is bold, but I actually liked the new look. Even if you don’t care for the bold looks, the performance will win you over.  Hitting greens, confidence over your shots and great feel should have you wanting them in your bag.  They are the perfect blend for mid to low handicap golfers that want a “players-iron” look with “game-improvement” forgiveness.  Nike said #TheresAlwaysBetter and These are better.

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Quick Hits
+Better CG w/ more weight in toe
+Excellent forged feel
+Ideal sole grind for good turf interaction
+Forgiving Pro Combo design
+DG S300 shafts stock

–Bold colors

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