Review: Nike Vapor Stand Bag

Creatively X-ing out some weight
Carrying your golf clubs from hole to hole is a necessity of golf.  You can do that yourself, have a caddy do that or have a cart do most of the work for you.  Many have found that the most economical and practical way to do this is with a carry bag.  There are so many different stand bags out there, How do you choose one for your needs?  One of the top priorities on my list is weight.  While clubs make up the majority of weight in a bag, a pound here and an once there can really make a difference on the fatigue factor at the end of the round.  Nike’s Vapor X stand bag is the lightest bag available.  Nike built such a lightweight bag creatively.
On just looks alone, this is one of Nike’s best bags.  They offer the Vapor X stand bag in a variety of bright colors as wells as a more tradition look too.  But the colors are done in a way that looks bold yet appealing.  Sometimes companies let the bright colors get wild in design and pattern, but these were done about the best I have ever seen.  I really could have ordered any color bag, but I went with the mostly red bag.  It is really a sharp looking bag.

While these great looks don’t really have anything to do with the weight, the size of this bag does.  It is not a big carry bag; it is the just big enough for 14 clubs size.  It has a 8.5” top that is divided 5 ways.  It is fairly compact and the base isn’t very big, my Clicgear cart straps were loose around the base as it rode in my pushcart.

The materials are the next weight reduction feature of this bag.  While much of the bag is made with a lightweight nylon material, there are some other really useful pockets that are made with a stretchable spandex like material.  This design also cuts down some weight, yet allows the bag to be fully functional.  While the weight has been cut down, the functional aspects and pockets of this bag have not, I found some even better than bigger heavier bags.  The H2O proof pocket for valuables is a nice touch.  Prior to having this bag I got stuck in a downpour and everything was soaked.  It would have been nice to have a dry wallet.  The zippers too a very nice with thee bungee like pulls.  The main side pocket also has some inner webbing to keep items from sliding around in that pocket.

The 5-way top has 2 full length dividers that work very well for 13 clubs.  I found that my irons, my wedges, and my woods didn’t bind too much while using this bag, but the 5th slot where I keep my putter didn’t have a Full length divider and it caused the putter grip to tangle with my woods.  This is really the only downfall of this bag; it is short 1 full length divider.  I know they were trying to cut down weight, but since you need the putter every hole, and it is called a putter-well, that divider would have made this bag perfect.
The stand mechanism is very solid for such a small lightweight bag.  Initially it is a little firm; but it does loosen up over use.  The tension is just a little tight on the legs when it comes to setting the bag down or picking it up.  But a little WD-40 on the pivot point solves this problem quickly.  The legs themselves while thin were very sturdy and the bag stood nicely even in the wind.

The final aspect of importance for this bag is the great shoulder straps.  These dual straps have Nike’s Air padding in them.  They are wide and very comfortable and hold this bag very balanced on your back.  This is one of the better 2-strap bags I have carried.  The weight is distributed nicely; it sits at just the right place on my back, not too high, not too low. 
I really like how Nike creatively X-ed out some weight to make a great carry bag.  If you walk and carry to play golf, considering the Nike Vapor X as your next stand bag, while it is almost perfect, it is lightweight and looks really cool.

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Quick Hits
+Compact & Lightweight
+Looks great
+Creative pockets and materials

–Missing full length divider