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Review: Nike VR Forged Pro Combo Irons

This Combo Is So Gooooood
Nike has been making a combo set of irons for almost 10 years now.  Each version has done a good job of keeping the premise behind the combo set, but tweaking it for better results.  The newest set of VR Forged Pro Combo irons are even better than the Regular VR Pro Combo Irons, obviously.  This combo is so gooood.  Instead of going full blades in the 7-PW they went with a forgiving cavity back then moved to a polymer-fill pocket cavity in the 3-6 irons.  That gooo in the long irons really makes a difference and the cavity backs on the short irons add just the right amount of forgiveness.
While many companies are pushing distance with their irons (and Nike has a set of those too) the VR Forged Pro Combo irons are not about distance as much as they are about precision.  I’d rather have laser like accuracy and consistency of distance in my irons.  That is exactly what I found with this set.  Like all pro combo sets, these are forged of some of the softest feeling metal giving you  a great feeling club as well as a great performing club.

The long irons are the real winners of this set.  The 3-6 irons can be the most critical clubs in the bag for scoring low.  Yes, you can cover up a weak long irons game with a great short game, but if you want to have looks at birdies instead of saving pars, then you need to hit the 3-6 irons well.  These are the best long irons I have hit in any set.  The gooo inside of the pocket cavity creates a great feel and launches the ball so easily.  Not sure if the gooo has anything to do with launch as much as the DG Pro shafts.   They are flighted which helps the long irons get in the air.  I’m not always a fan of flighted shafts,  because for me they seem to mess with my distances, but these work well.  I was even able to consistently hit the 3-iron well, which I rarely even get with a set anymore because I can’t hit them.  The distance control was near perfect and I had more birdie looks with these irons than any other irons I’ve played.  The incredible feel with forgiveness makes these long irons easy to hit and accurate.

The short irons, 7-PW don’t have a pocket and don’t have any gooo. but they are cavity backs so they offer just a little more forgiveness compared the the previous line of Pro Combo irons which were blades in these clubs.  That added forgiveness only translates into a couple feet here or there, but that can mean the difference between on the green or in a bunker.  It makes all the difference when it comes to scoring.  The DG Pro shafts are flighted which lowers the trajectory of these irons slightly, but still kept my distance control in tact.  The penetrating flight was still high, but controlled.  The cavity back still feels great without the gooo, because it is not a pocket, so just solid mass behind the ball with perimeter weighting for forgiveness and easy launch.

I did some testing indoors with these irons on my FlightScope launch monitor to see if what I saw on the course was true.  I found that I was getting really good launch numbers and distances were spot on to what I play and need.  The DG Pro shafts kept the spin in check and felt much like a regular DG shaft.  Below is a screen shot of one of my shots to give you a sense of how I hit it.  I typically play a 5-iron at 185 so as you can see, this club was right on with the carry distance.

Across the board both long and short irons have really good turf interaction.  I’m kind of fussy on this because I’m a digger of sorts and a leading edge that is too sharp causes monster divots and inconsistent contact, while big fat soles don’t allow me to get into the turf leading me to bounce into the ball.  The thin sole and blunted leading and trailing edges really make these great for any type of swing and any turf conditions. 

The x3x groove pattern offers consistent spin off every iron face.  Enough to get the ball to bite, but not too much so that it sucks back.  I’ve found the ball to typically just hit and roll out a few feet depending on the club and lie.  But being able to hit the ball into a tight circle over and over with these irons is key to success.

I’ve already mentions the Dynamic Gold Pro S300 irons shafts, but they are a variation of standard DG S300 which offer a flighted trajectory.  Higher in the long irons and lower or more piercing in the short irons.  The feel is fairly similar to standard shafts with just a slightly softer feel in long irons and slightly firmer in shorter irons, not much difference, but as I was playing I noted the slight difference in feel.  These shafts paired with these heads offer exactly what you want, easy to hit long irons and under control shorts irons. 

The Nike VR Forged Pro Combo irons is a combo set that works really well together.  The difference between the long and shorts irons blend together nicely to offer an amazing feeling set of irons that are easy to hit and very accurate.   You will see a number of tour pros with these or some combination of these in their bag because this combo is so gooood!

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Quick Hits:
+Polymer filled pocket cavities in the long irons works
+Incredible forged feel
+DG Pro Shafts offer flighted goodness
+Cavity-back short irons
+Nice sole and leading edge design
+Compact look yet ample forgiveness

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