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Review: Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

Refreshing an old favorite
 The first real set of golf clubs I bought for myself were the original Nike Pro Combo Irons.  I played them for 3 seasons.  I loved their feel and performance, especially in the 5-PW.  I was never a huge fan of their looks and couldn’t hit the 3 or 4 iron.  Fast forward another 4 years and the many sets I have played since, yet there is still a place in my heart for those old’ Pro Combos.  I did regrettably sell them a few years back, so when Nike introduced the VR Pro Combo Irons, I was excited; I couldn’t wait to put those back into my bag again. 

When the box first arrived there was still snow on the ground, but I knew my winter golf vacation would be coming up soon.  As I unpacked the box and put them in my bag just waiting for the time I could get them on the course, I noticed some changes/upgrades from the original Pro Combos.  The new look is refreshing.  The simple rivetless backs done in chrome look so much better.  The overall progression from blade to cavity back to pocket cavity appears much more fluid.  I also like the fact that you could if desired get the 3-7 irons in the same shaped blades too.  The mix and match of the VR Pro Combos with the new VR Pro Blades is a nice feature (while maybe not necessary, still nice).   The head shapes were modified slightly too, offering a player’s look with modest forgiveness.

I couldn’t wait for my first round of golf in the sun.  It took me a few holes to shake off the winter rust, but once I did, I really enjoyed my iron game.  It was put to the test because I was also playing a new driver, which took a little longer to groove and shake off the rusty driver swing.  So finding my way all around the course, the irons came to my rescue numerous times.  I was able to hit the long irons into the greens and found it easy to escape the rough with long and short irons. 

 When it comes to playability, these rank right near the top of my list.  For the majority of the last season I played blades.  At the end of the season I had some cavity backs in my bag.  I was contemplating mixing and matching those two sets to make a combo set; now I don’t have too.  The VR Pro Combos are really right up the good recreational golfer’s alley.  (For that matter a number of pros are playing them too.)

Working through all the irons in the set is rather seamless and just what I need for my game.  I struggle with the 3 and 4 irons.  They are not my favorite clubs in the bag.  While they still aren’t, I did hit the 4 iron very well.  The pocket cavity offers just the right amount of forgiveness.  As much as I tried to hit the 3 iron, it will probably still get replaced with a hybrid.  But of all the 3 irons I have hit, this was the closest yet to making the cut.  It was easy to elevate and felt good; it just can’t beat out my hybrid.

 The 5-7 irons are a split cavity, which I found to be just the right balance of forgiving yet slightly workable.  I had the ability to hit the ball straight most of the time, with the ability to control shots just enough, so nothing wild, but just a subtle cut or draw.

 The 8-PW are blades and are as pure as it gets.  They are similar to the other Nike Blades I have played, but just a little different shape to the muscle.  It is a little taller than previous versions.  This too seems to work in my favor for controlling trajectory.  The lower irons are typically easier to hit because of the added loft and these were not difficult to play by any means.  Their pure feel at impact and awesome results were just how I like it.

 My set was built with DG S300s the stock shaft, which played as expected.  They can be shot makers shafts as wells as straight shooters.  It is one of the most versatile shafts on the market.  The Nike grips were a version of tour velvets that felt nice and offered great grip even with some sweaty palms.

The feel on these is just as good as any other forging out there if not better.  They are buttery soft at impact.  I was happy with the durability.  They didn’t get dinged up or gouged by banging around on the plane or in the cart.  Even the sand didn’t seem to scuff them up or do damage to the finish. 

 I got seven rounds in with these irons and I shot some great scores.  I found many greens in regulation and found that the rebirth of the Pro Combos was a great move for my bag.  I can see why a number of Nike professionals have these in their bags on tour.  Nike refreshed one of my old favorites with the VR Pro Combo Irons.

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