Review: Nike VR Pro Hybrid

The most underrated club of 2011.
 In the golfing world there is always buzz about this or that product, whether it be paint color, a new ball core, or some new forged iron, sometimes clubs that are really good seem to fly under the radar.  I think the Nike VR Pro Hybrid is just that club.  I can’t believe how good this club is and how little people are talking about it.

So let’s change that, let’s talk about it.  I have played a number of Nike hybrids over the years.  Some were great and others were just OK.  The Nike VR Pro I think is the best.  It is designed for the better golfer.  It is not a true game improvement hybrid, but for the lower handicap that wants the benefits of a solid easy to hit hybrid over a long iron.
 I basically play one hybrid in the 20* range.  Nike offers an 18* and a 21*(and a few others).  I opted for the 21* because it came stock with the PX shaft which tends to be a lower launching shaft.   Looking at the sole you can see the second version of the power channel, which seems to work as promoted.

 Looking at it from the top it looks nice and compact and has a great silver face and topline with a black body.  It has almost no offset and a nice long hosel.  On just appearance it is one of the best on the market.

 I found the leading edge to be rather interesting.  It is beveled more than just about any other hybrid I have seen, it really resists digging, which is a great feature out of the rough or off soft fairways, yet even on hard fairways I didn’t have any issues of not being able to get down into the ball.

The feel and sound are solid.  It is just a pleasant thwack!  It is very muted for Nike but that just adds to how excellent this club is.  It is the closest you are going to get to a forged iron-feeling hybrid. 

The PX shaft is easy to elevate yet so stable and flat launching.  I was able to hit this into a strong wind with good trajectory yet without fear of ballooning.  I hit it plenty high off the tee and a near perfect mid launch off the turf.

This club is best suited for the lower handicap golfer, or a non-slicer.  If you slice the ball, this club will not serve you well.  I had just couple of bad swings here or there that went a little more right than I would care, but that was swing induced.  But if you fight the lefts, this will be a good fit.

 I know other companies get lots of press for their hybrids and sure they are pretty good, but this might be one of the best stock set-ups, most solid, iron-like hybrids on the market right now.  No wrenches, no adjustments necessary just awesome right off the shelf.

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Quick Hits
  +Compact shape
  +Forged iron feel
  +Excellent stock shaft

 –Not slicer friendly