Review: Nike VR_S 3-wood

Fast and Forgiving!
3-woods can be one of the best or worst clubs in the bag.  It seems they have a love/hate relationship with this club more than any other.  I’ve seen golfers replace their driver with a 3-wood because they hit it better and other ditch 3-woods all together because they can’t hit it at all.  I think you could be in either camp and you might love the Nike VR_S 3-wood.  It is both fast for those that already love a 3-wood and forgiving for those who don’t.    This maybe the easiest 3-wood to hit off the deck or off the tee.

The VR_S 3-wood is on the bigger side.  This size will inspire confidence in those that don’t typically enjoy hitting a 3-wood.  It sets up really nice and square but also fairly wide across the face.  It is probably middle of the road as far as face height goes. 
This 3-wood also has a Fubuki K like the driver, but in the 3-wood it seems like a better fit.  It is smooth, higher launching and the little higher spin doesn’t hurt.   The weight is 73 grams so it really is a nice weight for a fairway wood.

It has the NexCOR face just like the driver, which offers both high ball speeds and forgiveness.  It feels really solid and the ball just flies off the face.   It also has a smoked black crown with some sweeping  lines and a swoosh near the back without an alignment aid. The headcover is a nice sock style and the standard Nike Tour Velvet grip is used.

On the course I was really happy with the turf interaction of the sole.  It didn’t want to dig, but it swept into the ball nicely.  Off the tee it worked really well too.  The face isn’t real tall so tee height is always key.  Even out of the rough I could get it to pick the ball out of a moderate depth.

I think I only picked up a couple yards with this 3-wood, but the real benefit is how easy it is to hit; straight and long.  I think I was as accurate with this 3-wood as any, really it felt more like iron accuracy. 

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Do you love or hate your 3-wood?  Either way I think you might just want to give the VR_S a try.  Check out the speed trials in your area.  You may just be impressed by how fast and forgiving this club is.

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