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Review: Nike VR_S Forged Irons

Easy and Forged is a rare combo!
There seems to be a very distinct line that separate the Players clubs from the Game Improvement clubs.  Players clubs tend to be small, forged and designed to allow the player to work the ball, while Game improvement clubs tend to be large, cast and easier to hit straight.  Finding something in the middle isn’t always so easy.  Many mid-handicap players are looking for a nice sized, forged yet easy to hit iron.  Nike’s new VR_S forged irons is that rare combo that many have been looking for.  I would call them Game Improvement irons with some Players iron qualities. 
The entire Nike VR_S line is designed around more speed and greater distances.  The VR_S forged irons are no different.  They offer about a club longer distance per iron.  They do this with a combination of slightly stronger lofts and a hot face, adding a slightly lighter Nippon steel shaft helps too.   The Nike VR_S Forged irons hit high and long.


The two factors that really set these apart from other irons are their forged feel and their ease of play.  There are very few forged game improvement irons.  I can think of a couple, but the market is thin.  These irons have a great forged feel.  While maybe not quite as pure as say the Nike VR Pro blades or even the VR Pro Combos, but certainly much better than any cast club out there.  The undercut cavity design offers a solid and soft feel with only the slightest hint of hollowness.  It is probably as good as you will ever find in a club of this style.  There is no clicky or harsh feeling on shots with these irons.

They are also about the easiest club I have ever hit.  I’ve played some game improvement irons before with very limited success.  Most often the fat soles don’t interact with the turf properly for my game.  These on the other have only a slightly thicker sole than a players iron, but thin enough to reduce drag.  I found the leading edge was radiused just enough so I could get into the turf, but not dig.  The top line is also slightly thicker than a players iron, but again, nothing over the top.  Off-set is middle of the road too.

I think they hit an untapped market.  The golfer who is either improving and wants to make that transition from Game Improvement clubs to Players clubs, without making too big of jump; or the golfer who simply wants easy to hit good feeling clubs.

The long irons are the real winners for me.  The 4 and 5 irons were simply money from long distances.  It  is really great to be able to stick that long iron from about 205 to 185 yards.  They are easy to elevate and stick when they land.  They are just as easy as a hybrid.  I could see some golfers replacing their hybrids with one of these long irons. ( I think even Tiger had a VR_S Forged 3-iron in the bag for a while )

The 6-8 irons were also very point and shoot irons.  They hit high, straight and land soft.  I found the distances to be about a club longer than normal, but after a quick adjustment, these fit right into my bag.  They are thin enough to cut through the rough nicely. 

The 9-AW were also very easy and consistent.  They hit the ball very high and land softly.  If you were someone who likes to get creative with these short irons, they might not be the perfect fit for your game.  I find that sometimes I like to hit little knock downs or work a shorter shot in trying to get it close to the pin, and these just do one thing, high and straight.

They are not impossible to work, right/left or up/down, but they do tend to repeatedly go high and straight.

The VR_S Forged irons are clean, classy, forged and easy to hit.  They are a great combo for any mid handicap golfer.  Even a low handicap golfer can put them in the bag and enjoy their feel and consistency.  Nike has done it again by designing a rare combo that is easy to hit and feels great.

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Quick Hits
+Clean classy looks
+Forged feel
+So easy to hit well

–Slightly thicker and more offset than some “players” might want

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