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Review: NO1 50 Pro Grip

Soft, Firm and Spectacular
Golf club grips are one of those necessities that some golfers don’t think about and others have extreme specifics of what they want.  Ask the average golfer if they even know what kind of grips they have on their clubs and they might not have a clue, while another more avid golfer might tell you about the 3 wraps of tape, and their midsized dual- compound blue and white custom grips they had installed.  But one thing is for certain, if you grab a NO1 50 Pro grip on a club, you will know right away this is something different.  It is soft, yet firm and a simply spectacular grip.
According to NO1, The NO1 50 Pro grip is a new proprietary elastomer compound which features a more firmer and solid feel while maintaining the signature sticky and tacky touch of the 50 series.  So these are not your standard rubber grip.  The elastomer compound is much “gooier” than a standard rubber.  It has a real flexible feel to it when installing the grip.  I did an air install like I do with all my grips and found them fairly easy to work with and once in position hold their position very well with out grip tape or solvent.  (Air removal was really easy too when I needed to trim the shaft.)

For the most part grips shouldn’t have a huge impact on scoring, the NO1 50 Pro grip is one of my favorite grips I’ve ever held.  I installed some on  my driver and on my Miura MC-501 irons.   They instantly became my favorite grips that I’ve had on any of my clubs.  The soft, yet direct feeling of connection with the club is very appealing.  I also liked that they didn’t tear up my hands.  I could easily play these grips without a glove.  They offer good tack in both dry and wet weather.  In dry conditions it has a slight “gooie” tack which is a nice feel and feature.  If the weather turns damp, the tack remains so that there is no slippage during the swing.

With all great things there is often a downside.  The only downside of these grips is their price tag.  At $16 per grip it gets a little pricey to grip every club in your bag.  But the upside of these expensive grips is that they seem really durable over the long run.  Elastomer style grips that I have tried have had a history of wearing down quickly, but after multiple rounds with these grips, they seem just like new.  Also this compound cleans up nicely with just a little water.

The NO1 50 Pro black on black (they just recently added color options) grips has a very clean look on the club and offers a unique feel and tack.  They are soft and firm at the same time which really is spectacular.  They may set you back a little more than a standard grip, but you actually get something for you money which is noticeably different in a good way.  Soft, firm and spectacular.

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Quick Hits:
+Soft elastomer feel
+Firmer compound
+Excellent tack
+Black on black looks awesome

–More expensive

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