REVIEW: NO1 UN Series Grip

A Sticky Dual Zone Grip
Dual compound grips have been around now for over 10 years. The concept is really quiet simple, one hand has a firmer material, while the other hand has a softer material. The premise is that you need firmer material to grip with the upper hand and a softer feel to grip with the lower hand which promotes more control . I’ve enjoyed dual compound grips over the years, but can’t say I require them on my clubs. NO1 UN Series is a dual zone grip, but in their sticky rubber. The NO1 50 Pro is my favorite grip and they took some of the firm sticky elements of that grip in the upper and added a softer lower section.
Why sticky dual zone grips?  The NO1 UN Series grip is designed to promote a lighter grip which releases forearm tension, which in turn creates more swing speed and better control.  The “death grip” is a problem that most amateur golfer fight.  They believe that the tighter they grip the club, the harder they can swing, which is the exact opposite.  That is why the NO1 UN Series grips are an ideal solution to that problem.  If you squeeze it really tight it will feel weird, almost compressed, but if you loosen up your grip the “sticky” dual zones really work, you won’t lose grip of this club.
I installed a set of NO1 UN Series grips on my New Level 623 M irons shafted with Nippon Pro Modus 3 Tour 120 steel shafts.  I use the air method for installing grips and the NO1 UN Series grips work perfectly since they are so sticky inside and outside.  They go on easily and hold to the shaft tightly.  I did notice the end cap is a little “bulgier” than some others, but the grip quickly tapers to the normal diameter on the shaft.  I really love these grips in the AZ heat because the sticky just holds in my sweaty hands.  I like the feel of the two different zones of the grip.  Depending on how old your grips are, all grip companies claim a couple strokes better after changing grips.  I can’t claim too many strokes, but I certainly like these grips better.
The NO1 UN Series grips come in a variety of color combinations.  I went with the all black model for my irons, and some dual color grips for my wedges.  The feel is the same, just different color rubber makes them look differently.  As the end of the day, the grip is more important than most golfers give credit.  It is the one spot where the club connects to your body, make it a connection that you like and that works.  As NO1 says, “Its All In Your Hands.” I love the sticky feel of these dual zone grips.  I think NO1 grips are underrated for how good they feel and how well they perform on clubs.  If you haven’t tried one yet, give them a look, you might just find how much you like a sticky dual feel grip.

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Quick Hits:
+Dual feel zones
+NO1 sticky feel
+Easy to install with air
+Color options
+Great for sweaty hands