REVIEW: NO.7 at Desert Mountain Golf Course

The Magnificent No.7
There is great concern about the state of the game of golf. It is losing participants and becoming more time consuming and more expensive. Many have proposed ways to solve the problem. Some believe that TopGolf is a solution. While many solutions are complex and honestly have no chance of fixing golf, No.7 at Desert Mountain is the formula to save golf. It addresses almost every reason people leave the game of golf. No.7 at Desert Mountain is absolutely magnificent from the moment you enter the gates until the time they close behind you. It really has the potential to be a model for solving golf’s problems.
1. Fun
It became clear very quickly into my round at No.7 at Desert Mountain that this course was designed for fun.  It has 4 tee boxes, is a par 54 course, it has a “Sandy” game option, a putting only options and an atmosphere around the property about having fun.  I had the privilege to play my round with Wendel Pickett, the course designer.  You could hear it in his voice about how proud he was of the smiles that are on peoples faces after they walk off the 18th green.  While it can require some precise golf shots, it is also forgiving and short enough that fun really is the best word to describe the experience.

2. Interesting
The problem that most par 3 courses have is that they aren’t interesting.  I grew up learning and playing golf on a par 3 course, but now when I go back there I won’t even think about playing it because of how plain and boring the course is.  No.7 at Desert Mountain however peaks you interest from the first shot until the last putt.  The routing is crisscrossing all over the 90 acres it is set on.  It has some simple up and down terrain variations and honestly, every hole felt different, which is quite an accomplishment for a par 3 course.  It also has such a variety of tees, that you should never get bored playing there.  I wouldn’t suggest playing the same tee all the time, but mixing it up for new looks and different yardages.

3. Beautiful
While beauty goes kind of hand in hand with interesting, it really is a feature that sets No.7 at Desert Mountain apart.  They had a large budget to make the course look like eye candy.  They nailed it aesthetically speaking at every turn.  The random imported tree, the use of natural desert landscape, the water features, the background mountains, the shaping of hole surrounds and the variety of colors make every hole beautiful.  While there are a couple that really rise to the top, every hole looked great.

4.  18 Hole in One Chances
I’m still chasing my first hole in one.  I didn’t get it at No.7 at Desert Mountain this time, but if I get the change to play it again, I have 18 more shots at one.  The reason I bring this up is because other par 3 courses in the US that rival No.7 are not USGA rated.  Most are some strange number of holes like 9, 10, 13, or even 17.  No. 7 however met the criteria do be rated by the USGA by having a hole on each nine over 250yards and total yardage over 3,000 yards.  That way if you make a hole in one, it official counts.

5. Family Friendly
An area that is plaguing golf is the lack of families golfing.  If I go out and play my typical round of golf on a course around 7000 yards, my wife and boys feel intimidated, even if they move up 3 tee boxes.  Full length courses often become too much for the family.  While I still like getting a “competitive” round in with the guys, having a course that the whole family can enjoy would be awesome.  No.7 at Desert Mountain offers a course that scratch golfers and 50+ handicap golfers can enjoy at the same time.  It is friendly to women and children who are either learning the game, intimidated by big courses or just want to have fun together as a family.

6. Time
Golf can be very time consuming.  If you take a typical 4 hour round, plus time to and from the course and then add it a little time at the bar/restaurant, it can go well over 6 hours.  Many complaints are connected to how much time golf consumes.  No.7 at Desert Mountain naturally takes less time because it is shorter and less difficult.  You rarely should have to look for a long time for a wedge shot.  It can easily be playing in 2.5 hours.  Since this private community is concentrated in that area, it won’t be too far from home to tee.  It is possible the drinks and meal will still take some time, it might be family time, instead of guy time.

7. Clubhouse Experience
If you’ve ever been to a private club and strolled through the clubhouse, you might get a sense of tradition, but it probably feels formal and stuffy.  The No.7 at Desert Mountain clubhouse is a modern beauty that flips that model upside down with music, high top tables, outdoor dining, lights, game areas, etc.  It fits nicely with Desert Mountain’s luxury living theme. The entire clubhouse experience at No.7 is fun, modern and family friendly.  The food is eclectic and fantastic.  I highly recommend the Seven Burger!!

No.7 at Desert Mountain is part of the larger private complex.  It is a real gem in the golf world.  18 par 3 that will leaving smiling when you are done and wanting to play it more.  The clubhouse is all part of the fun and magnificent design and vibe of No.7.  If northern Scottsdale is home base or your winter home, I’d highly recommend looking into membership there.  It really is a model of change for the golf industry that other courses and club should embrace.  It really is Magnificent No.7 at Desert Mountain.

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