REVIEW: NoSweat Hat Liner

Saving One Hat At A Time
What does your favorite hat look like? Does it have that crusty white sweat line where the bill meets the hat at your forehead? Is the inside band of your hat some totally different color than it started? Favorite hats, no matter how well you take care of them, will take a beating from absorbed sweat. The hotter the location, the more sweat they have to absorb. Living in AZ, I’ve found how quickly I start sweating on the golf course and how vital a hat is. The NoSweat hat liner is a strange but awesome invention that has saved my favorite hat.
The NoSweat Hat Liner is essentially a big sticker that you put on the front inside band of your hat.  Its kind of like those cardboard inserts to keep the structure of the hat.  The hat liner is super easy to apply.  All you have to do is peel off the sticker backer and line up the lower edge with the edge of the hat and stick.  It doesn’t have to be perfect and the cuts in the liner allow you avoid big wrinkles are you press it along the curve of the hat.  It has a soft cloth like inside so that you can’t tell the difference if you have it on or not.
The NoSweat Hat Liner is the real deal when it comes to sweat absorption.   It gets hot in AZ, even if it is a dry heat, I still sweat when it is 105*.  I installed the liner prior to the round and never thought about it again until the round was over and I took off my hat to shake hands on 18.  I did then investigate my hat to notice it was perfectly dry.  The NoSweat liner had absorbed all the sweat.  My hat looked the same as when I put it on.  I installed a new one for my next round and the same results.  My 3rd round I decided to reuse on to see how that worked.  I know they recommend using a new one each time, but I reused one 3 times and it protected my hat perfectly all 3 times.  The only noticeable difference is that the sticky part looses some tack, so it fell out every time I took my hat off.
The NoSweat Hat Liner saved my hat, but it also saved my forehead.  My skin at times will get a zit where my hat was during a sweaty round.  The dirt, dust and sweat mixed together being pushed into my skin would leave me with a blemish or two after every sweaty round.  The NoSweat liner absorbed all the sweat and dirt and I didn’t have a single flaw on my forehead after golf.  It wasn’t a fluke, every round I wore a liner, nothing; every round I forgot one, blemish.  Even the reused NoSweat hat liner kept my skin flawless.  This might even be better than saving my hat, is saving my skin.

The NoSweat Hat Liner is the real deal.  They run between $2 to $1 per liner depending on quantity.  Depending on how many rounds a year you play, but if you play in the heat, these will save your favorite hat.  Even more is how they save your skin.   If you play one round a week you are looking at a $50 investment to save a bunch of hats and a weekly blemish.  Skin ointments alone probably cost more than that.  At first I was a little skeptical about the investment, but after using them regularly, they are kind of a “no brainer”.  I will be putting in an order for more.  The NoSweat Hat Liner saves forehead one round at a time and saves your hat from sweat every time you use one.

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Quick Hits:
+Keeps hat dry
+Makes hats last longer
+No Forehead blemishes
+Easy to install