Review: NXT18 Buckle and Belt

Quality, Style, Custom Options and a Reasonable Price
Belts have a come a long way in the golf industry, from something to hold up your pants, to an important accessory that is essential to the golf outfit.  Golf belts are all over the board right now in terms of price and style.  A simple strap from the store might be as plain and cheap as can be, to the exotic leather and custom milled buckles which will run you more than a new driver.  Something in between is what NXT18 has created.  They offer a quality aluminum milled buckle, stylish straps, custom milling options all at a reasonable price point.

The buckle itself is a milled aluminum billet 3 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ and about 1/4″ thick.  I received the brushed finish which turned out really nice. The milled out part remains shinny.  It has fairly sharp edges and corners, not that it will cut you, but not as rounded as many other belts I have.  At 39.99 these buckles aren’t going to break the bank either.  They do offer custom milled buckles too, which run a little more.  If you reach out to them, you can talk about a custom package that fits your needs and budget.

The belt is a web polyester strap material that is very durable and works great for a belt, especially in the argyle pattern I ordered.  The cost is very reasonable at $9.99 a strap.  It’s not leather, but on those really hot summer rounds, this strap is much cooler and doesn’t have the moisture issues leather can have.

My NXT18 Belt arrived ready to go.  I had given them waist measurements and they cut the belt to length, finished both ends so that you are ready to wear it right out of the package.  The buckle is a version of a D-ring belt with 2 slots for creating tension.  Slide it through the inside slot and over the top to the outside slot and give a little tug to tighten.  It doesn’t slide through the cinch easily and is tough to get really tight, but it remains in the same spot all day long, you never need to re-tighten it during the day.

One downside of the belt is the lack of a loop to hold the excess strap once you cinch it.  I try to wear it so that I can get that part of the strap under a belt loop in my shorts, but some pants I own have the first loop fairly far from the buckle which causes the leftover strap to flop in the breeze.  If you order it a little longer or a little shorter, it will solve that problem.

NXT18 Belts fits a gap in the golf belt market.  There were either cheap belts at the golf store or high-end custom ones that cost as much as a new driver.  These fit in that middle ground yet offer quality, style, uniqueness, custom options at a reasonable price.

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Quick Hits
+Great style
+Quality materials
+Reasonably priced
+Custom options

–Tough to tighten