Review: Oban Kiyoshi Black Shaft

Oh man is this good!
I’ve been hearing about Oban shafts for the last couple years, but just hadn’t been able to review them until this year.  In my contacts with Oban they let me know that they are most interested in fitting players for the shaft that fits them best.  It is not about make shafts for the masses, but making the best fitting shaft for a player’s needs.

After doing some research I kind of had in mind what shaft was probably going to fit me best.  I used my R11S for fitting.  I used the stock shaft on the LM and got some base numbers.  It told me what I expected, it launched too high and spun too much.  I let Jon of Totally Driven pick the shafts he felt would fit my needs.  We tried the Devotion and the Kiyoshi purple first.  They both altered my numbers, but didn’t quite get to perfect.  Either launch angle changed, but not spin or spin went down but not launch angle.  Then we dropped the Kiyoshi black shaft in, and just like that the numbers were just perfect.  I was able to get exactly what I needed.  It wasn’t the shaft I was expecting to leave with.  I really thought the Devotion would be the shaft for me.  This just confirmed that getting fit is more than just guessing off a spec sheet, but real world results are still the most important way to get fit, especially with a launch monitor.  Here are the numbers from the FlightScope

Stock Shaft             15.2 LA            3162 Spin       258 yards
Devotion                   14.6 LA           3010 Spin       262 yards  
Kiyoshi Purple          16.1 LA            2738 Spin       263 yards
Kiyoshi Black         14.2 LA          2267 Spin     272 yards

After being fit indoors, I took this shaft to the course and found that results to be even better outside.  I hit the ball further and straighter than what the LM said.  It was so exciting to perfect launch conditions drive after drive. 

Not only did I find a perfect when it came to launch conditions, the feel is as good as anything I have ever hit.  The Kiyoshi shafts by Oban are so smooth.  It is not loose in any way, just a tight smooth feeling from take away through impact and release.

Not only did this shaft offer great feel and ideal launch conditions, it looks really cool too.  The black shaft with the gold bands and purple graphics looks amazing.

While you might think you know which Oban shaft is for you, but I highly recommend getting fit rather than just taking the plunge.  If you are looking for low launch and low spin the Kiyoshi Black is a shaft you need to check out at your local fitter, O man am I glad I did.

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Quick Hits
+Awesome feel
+Low Launch/Low Spin
+Great graphics
+Getting Fit

–Finding a good fitter

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