Review: October Golf Gear Cart Bag

Create Your Own Golf Bag
Have you ever wondered why golf bags have pockets where they do? You might think there is some science behind it, but not really, someone made a bag years ago a certain way, and it has just been copied ever since. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually put the pockets where you want them and where they would be most convenient? October Golf Gear has created a bag that you can rearrange and put the pockets wherever you want. You can create you own golf bag with their hub and accessory kits.
Let me explain the October Golf Gear Cart Bag’s basic premise.  A golf bag “hub” as they call it is similar to your standard cart bag, with a 14 way full length divided top.  It has a carry handle, a shoulder strap and 2 nice plastic grab bars on the top.  It however has no pockets.  It only has the soft side of Velcro covering essentially the entire bag.  There are also random slots sewn into the bag for their hook system of attaching pockets.  Without any pockets the hub is one of the heavier cart bags out there.  While I’m not one to worry about cart bag weight, you might if it is going to be used on a push cart more than a power cart.  AZ golf is almost exclusive power cart so its not really an issue for me. For more cart bags check out our round up review on best cart bags.
 Next comes the decisions making process with he October Golf Gear Cart Bag; Where will you put your pockets?  They don’t give you any directions, which I believe is on purpose so you don’t just copy you other bag, essentially missing the whole point of their bag.  The process is pretty simple, you clip in the hooks and press down the Velcro.  Once this is done, the pockets aren’t going anywhere.  While some pockets still kind of have to be used in their traditional spots, like the full length side pockets, kind of still need to go on the side.  But I think having the ball pocket at the top makes a whole lot more sense than having to bend over to the bottom pocket.  I liked having some other accessory pockets near the top as well for easy access when the beverage cart comes around.  Another cool little pocket that I could actually place facing the inside of the cart is a little Bluetooth speaker for tunes during the round.  Also a nice little touch that wasn’t pointing away from me.  The cooler pocket is nice to have in the AZ heat, since it is a really useful one here, I’m actually considering getting a second one.
Taking the October Golf Gear Cart Bag to the course wasn’t much different, although you can arrange the pockets in a way so that it ride nicely in the trunk, or you can even remove them if you don’t need most of them for a given round.  There are lots of options to make it work best for you.  My first round with the bag, I was surprised at how big it was in the power cart.  I’m not sure two October Golf Gear Bags would have fit, thankfully my buddy had a smaller bag.  Although it might have been the cart, because my next rounds with the bag it fit fine on the power carts.  I think the carts for my first round were older and had a small bag shelf area.  Depending on how you arrange your pockets, you make need to lift the Velcro and strap underneath them.
Playing rounds of golf with the October Golf Gear Bag is actually really nice.  The top is big and the clubs come out easy.  It doesn’t have a dedicated side well for the putter, but there are a few big slots on the top that can accommodate a fat grip.  Having access to golf balls or the cooler pocket, or not having 10 pockets to wonder where you put something can be really nice during play.  You can experiment round after round until you get your bag customized just the way you want it.  All the pockets had solid zippers and were easy to use.  The bag was plenty big with all the pockets attached to carry extra clothes, rain gear, shoes, accessories, etc.  The only real concern with this bag is the size and weight; it is big and heavy.
If you can’t seem to find a cart bag that has things just the way you want them, check out October Golf Gear’s Cart Bag.  You can customize the pockets in any arrangement you want, from the full covering of pockets or just a few select one.  Another nice feature of the customizable bag and pockets, is that they sell things a la carte too.  So if you just want one, or need 3 of a specific pocket you can order it however you want too.   No matter how you decide to arrange your bag, October Golf Gear allows you the flexibiltiy to make your golf bag function for you.

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Quick Hits
+Customizable pockets
+Lots of space
+A la carte pockets
+14 way top full length dividers
+Simple looks

–Big and heavy
–Limited colors