REVIEW: Odyssey EXO 7s Putter

The Mallet Putter I've Always Been Looking For
I’ve never been a mallet guy. I just can’t seem to find one that works in my hands. If you have read previous putter reviews or even just browse my putter reviews, you notice my preference is “blade” style putters. I prefer to play an old school heel shafted putter or a plumbers neck anser. I’ve tried numerous mallet putters, but none of them ever stay in the bag. It isn’t the looks, it is just the performance never beats my “blade” putters. Odyssey finally made a mallet putter that might just stay in the bag. They finally incorporated all the features I want in a mallet putter. The Odyssey EXO 7s putter is the mallet putter I’ve always been looking for.
The Odyssey EXO 7s putter is one of the coolest/high tech looking putters you will find by any brand.  The colors, hosel, exo-skeleton  structure and shape all work for me.  It might not be traditional, but the features make sense and do what I want them to do.  This multi-material design places things right where I want them.  It offers maximum forgiveness on off-center hits.  It is all about the balance of the design that really works.
The Odyssey EXO 7s Putter concentrates the majority of the mass at the face.  I love this feature in a mallet.  If the weight gets too far back, I have serious distance control.  I like to feel the weight push through the ball at impact.  If the weight gets on the back of the flanges, I push that weight through and end up putting too hard.  The EXO skeleton allows for the weight to be pushed toward the face and out to the perimeter for really solid feel at impact.
The Odyssey EXO 7s putter uses the EXO skeleton for alignment, which over the last few models of the 7 putter has been a favorite.  I really like using the 2 lines/fangs to line up to the hole.  I’ve found this to be an extremely easy putter for alignment.  It takes very little thought, just set it down and point the lines along the frame of the ball.
The Odyssey EXO 7s putter doesn’t have my favorite face that Odyssey ever produced, but it certainly has one that I really like.  The White Hot Microhinge face has a nice balance of metal feel with the microhinges, but white hot soft with the polymer around them.  I was really impressed by the roll this putter puts on the ball.  The quickly rolls forward straight on the intended line.  I didn’t have any distance control issues with this putter from day one.  It felt very natural without feeling mushy or harsh.
The final feature of the Odyssey EXO 7s putter that will keep this putter in the bag is the hosel.  While it might seem like a tiny little hosel and can it really make a difference?  YES.  That little slant hosel gives it some toe-hang which is exactly what I need.  I’ve tried and tried with face balanced putters, and they just never get the job done.  This one is perfect.  The toe hang is really only about 2oclock, but that is just enough for my arch stroke.  This putter returns to the ball square every time.

Honestly, I’ve never been a mallet guy, but this Odyssey EXO 7s has real potential to change my mind.  I love the feel, the set-up, the looks, and the consistency.  It has been in the bag for some of the low scores lately which leaves me little reason to switch. The 7s model with the little slant neck makes all the difference.  The EXO model brings the mass forward and yet offers amazing forgiveness. It might just be the mallet putter you are looking for too.

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Quick Hits:
+Cool futuristic looks
+Amazing balance
+Slant neck
+Weight near the face
+Super easy alignment
+Fits an arch stroke
+White Hot Microhinge face has great feel

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