Review: Odyssey Metal X Milled #7 Putter

Take the Mystery Out of Putting
When Odyssey first introduced their newest milled putter on tour it was call “Mystery Milled”.  That now has become the Metal X Milled line.  I believe these are Odyssey’s best putters ever.  They combine many of the best features of Odyssey Putters.  The chemically milled ovals in  the face create a forward roll technology, but also an excellent feel.  Pair that with some of Odyssey’s best head shaped and adjustable weights, it really takes the mystery out of putting.
I have never been a fan of the Odyssey insert.  For whatever reason, I try and try, but never get the feel and distance control with an insert.  (to be fair, I don’t like any insert from any company.)  The Metal X Milled face offers that solid consistent feel with just a slightly softer click at impact because of the milled ovals.  I found my distance control to be spot on with this putter, no bombs off the face or taps that came up a mile short.  I believe they did this as an insert on a previous line, but having the entire face milled this way really works.

I went with a #7 style head.  I’ve seen so many tour guys winning with this head, I figured there must be something to it.  While the face balanced nature of this putter (on paper) would not be ideal for my stroke, on course this thing was money.  I found it so easy to line up.  I had this in my bag for my recent trip to Puerto Rico and playing with a caddy was really easy, because he would point out the line, I’d line up the rails and stroke it in.  I didn’t count my exact number of putts, but I only 3 jacked 1 hole all vacation, that was amazing.

It is that combination of feel that I could control the distance so well and the alignment which got me started on the line I wanted which really made this a great combo.  Additionally the weights on the bottom can be set to light or heavy neutral or some combination of extra weight in the toe or heel.  I went with a little more out on the toe to keep me from closing the face too soon with my arched stroke and it worked out very well.  I almost never had a pull with this putter, but I didn’t have issues pushing it either, it just balanced out nicely for my stroke.

The stock options on this putter are very nice, a good headcover and a nice grip.  I decided to follow what so many are doing, especially on tour and installed a SuperStroke 2.0 slim grip.  It really turned this great putter into an excellent one.  I now could really feel the larger muscles of my shoulders being engaged in each stroke.  I think that Odyssey has worked out a deal that you might be able get one installed from the factory now.

I have read that these Metal X Milled putters are in high demand and have sold out in some places.  I know that the replacement is a silver and black versa model with all the same features, just a different paint combo.  Either way, I honestly think this is Odyssey’s best putter.  The chemically milled face, the headshape, the weights, everything about this combo worked for me.  It takes the mystery out of putting.

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Quick Hits
+Chemically milled face feels great
+Forward roll technology of the face works
+#7 shape is so easy to align
+Weight kit allows for extra fine tuning
+Very balanced