Review: Odyssey "Tank" #1 Putter

Calling in Reinforcements
The putter can be the most fickle club in the bag. While it may have its ups and downs, sometimes it just plain quits. When your putter surrenders, it is time for reinforcements. The Odyssey “Tank” is a a putter designed to help smooth out some problems on the green and improve your consistency with a heavier putter head and backweights under the grip. This new counterbalance movement is all about eliminating wrist issues in the stroke and engaging the larger muscles of the arms, shoulders and back. Using less wrists means a more consistent stroke results in better distance and direction control.
When they call it a “tank”, they aren’t joking, this putter is heavy.    While maybe not the heaviest putter on the market, it certainly is much heavier than most.  Even though it is heavier, I appreciated the fact that is still looked like a regular anser style putter.  It wasn’t funky or clunky, it is a #1 head, virtually no different from the lighter version.  The heavier head is paired with significant weight under the grip.  This counterbalancing effect is very noticeable as it moves the balance point up the shaft towards the hands.  This is designed to make it more difficult to break your wrists during the putting stroke.

This putter has many of the features that make Odyssey putters favorites among golfers.  The first aspect of this Odyssey putter that you will notice is the tried and true soft insert.  The Tank is fitted with Odyssey’s softest insert.  It makes the very heavy head feel very soft at impact.  This is a nice features so that as you feel like you’re swinging a hammer, it results in more of a cotton ball feel at impact.  Personally I’m still not sure if I’m an insert guy, but this is a feature that people love about Odyssey putters like the O-Works Red 7.

The #1 style is easy to align and looks really good in the all black finish.  The single white sight line points at the target and works for both short and long putts.  It isn’t a “versa” contrast, but the white line and the black head is easy to use.  The Winn grip is soft and responsive.  It is paired with a nice headcover with a little tank inspired camouflage.  Just to look at this putter you wouldn’t know it is a counterbalanced model.

Putting tends to be a strong part of my game.  I feel pretty confident on the green with most putters that I try, such as the most recent one that I reviewed Evnroll ER2.  The “Tank” didn’t let me down.  It rolled the rock quite nicely on the variety of greens I played this fall.  It is always interesting to see what kind of greens you’ll get this time of year in MN.  Green speeds and smoothness are all over the map depending on aeration and water.  I think the “Tank” got a great opportunity to show its stuff over the past few weeks.  I had all solid putting rounds with it.   I had my best round with it on really fast greens.  I felt like I could control the speed and direction best with this putter when I could really relax and let the putter gently stroke the ball.  On the shaggy greens a week later, I didn’t putt as well.  I felt like I had to hit the ball to get it to the hole, which lead me to swinging more at the ball and struggling with distance control.  This is probably why a number of pros are going to the heavier putters because of the lightening quick greens they play on. 

Because of the extra weight it is easier to keep this putter on the line.  Although if you don’t have it aligned properly, it is harder to manipulate to get it on the line.  I found I needed to take just an extra second to confirm I had it on the right line before putting.  If I had it on the wrong line to start, it is too heavy to try to adjust mid-swing.

Odyssey isn’t the first or the last to make a counterbalanced putter; but since they are the #1 putter company in golf, you can expect many golfers to like this model.  It is a really solid heavy weight putter. There are a number of benefits to using a counterbalanced putter; like better consistency of pace and direction because it engages the larger muscles vs. getting wristy with your stroke.  If your putter stroke is retreating, then call in reinforcements with the Odyssey “Tank” #1 putter.

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Quick Hits
+Counterbalanced benefits
+Heavy feel without heavy look
+Excellent on fast greens
+Easy to align

-Still not sure on the soft insert

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