Review: Ogio Assassin Cart Bag

How did it take so long to come up with such a good idea?
 Cart bags have been around for a long time.  Light weight carry bags have been around for some time, but the idea of making a lightweight cart bag wasn’t an option until now.  Over the past 4 years I have converted from carrying to pushing.  I used to use a backpack style carry bag, but now pushing a Clicgear cart, I like to use a cart bag.  If you go to any golf store and look at the cart bags, they are all big and heavy.  If you wanted something lighter you pretty much only had the option of a stand bag.

Ogio introduced the new lightweight series of bags, both cart and carry.  The Ogio Assassin is their lightweight cart bag.  It is amazing how much nicer the lightweight bag is getting in and out of the car or taking on and off the cart, or even just pushing it down the fairway on a push cart, I noticed the difference

 While being lightweight is clearly one of the great features of this bag, there is much more to it than that.  Even if it was a heavier bag, it would still be a good cart bag.  It has a 14 way diamond top divider system that works very well at keeping the clubs in place and separate during the round.  The top slot and bottom slot are just a little bigger which is nice for the driver and putter.  It also has great handles built into the top rim of the bag for easy loading and unloading off the golf cart. 

 The new ball silo which Ogio has on all their bags is now a lower profile and still works just the same as the old one.  The plethora of pockets makes it capable of carrying everything you could possibly need during the round.  I often take an extra pair of shoes, rain gear, cold weather gear, extra gloves, hats, and plenty of balls and tees.  Everything fit easily in this bag.  The 3 pockets on each side expand nicely.  There is a really nice fleece lined pocket to hold your cellphone.  There is also an insulated one on the side that will hold at least a couple of cold water bottles.

 The ball pockets on the front are nice and deep,  I had 2 dozen in there easily, plus a rangefinder with still room to spare on my recent golf trip.  It also comes with the standard umbrella holder and rain cover.  The bottom is a nice molded plastic with 4 rubber like feet to help it sit or ride nicely.

 I only found two minor issues with the bag.  If you load it up like I do, you need to make sure it is balanced.  Don’t put all the heavy stuff on one side, it will tip over.  While it seems obvious, sometimes I don’t always pay close attention to that balance when I load my bag.  The other issue is that there is no handle under the strap.  There is one on the back, but not on the front.  While again this might be nit picky, but more than once I have gone to lift if out of my car and only to realize there is not handle there.  It would probably need to be over the ball silo or be a double handle off to the side, but it would be nice.

 Overall, Ogio impressed me again with their innovation and application.  A lightweight cart bag is a great idea and surprised me that no one else has thought of it before.  Ogio’s Assassin is just simply a good idea.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Lightweight Cart Bag
+Lots of Storage
+14-way divider

-Missing Front Handle
-Lightweight is easy to unbalance