Review: Ogio Chamber Cart Bag

Quiet Please
If you have ever been to a PGA event you will have seen the “Quiet Please” signs the marshals hold up when someone is about to hit, shortly after they hit, there is a distinct sound of a bag being lifted and the clanging of irons as the player and caddy walk down the fairway.  While your average weekend golfer doesn’t get a hush from the crowd, we’ve all heard that clanging sound of irons in a carry bag, on a push cart or even in a power cart.  For many golfers they don’t even think about it, it is just what clubs do in a golf bag, they are metal tools of the game.  Others of us like to keep those tools looking like brand new as long as possible.  Some will get irons covers, but those have never really been seen as acceptable for the serious golfers. 
The Ogio Chamber bag with Silencer technology changes all that.  It allows you to put your irons in your bag without iron covers and without clanging.  It has a top and bottom gripper that keeps the club from moving once it is put back in the bag.  Not only does the system keep them from clanging, it also keeps them from falling out of your bag if it tips over for some reason.  I’m sure we’ve all seen it or had it happen to us.  You grab the bag out of the trunk of your car and you accidentally grab the wrong part of the bag  causing  the clubs to come cascading out of the bag onto the parking lot.  It is a loud and awful sound.  Not to mention the possible damage.

As you can see from the picture below, there is a top mechanism for keeping the shafts of the club separate in each slot, but the real secret is in the bottom of the bag.  The round base plate that has like plastic fingers that hold the grip of the club secure so that it can’t twist or fall out.  If you  lightly put your clubs into the bag those fingers won’t engage, but just a soft push down on each club and you can feel them lock into place.

The Silencer technology is the main selling point of this bag, but it isn’t the only thing this bag does well.  Ogio has been making golf bags for some time now and they really understand the role that pockets play in a golf bag.  Their bags always seem to offer just about the best variety of size and features when it comes to pockets.  The Chamber bag is no different.  All you have to do is glance at this bag and you see pockets everywhere.  Both sides of the bag are identical.  Each side has 3 pockets.  A full length bag pocket which are great for weather gear, training aids or anything else that is longer and bigger that you want to bring along.  On top of those pockets are slightly smaller, thinner pockets.  This work well for gloves or other thin accessories.  The final pocket on each side is a valuables pocket.  They are lined with very soft cotton so you can put your phone in one and wallet/keys in the other.  The spine of the bag has 4 pockets; a zipperless pocket, a hard sided “tech pocket”, and 2 beverage pockets.  The tech-pocket has slots and dividers for all your important gear that you don’t want banging around.

Besides all the pockets there are little straps, clips, sleeves and slots for just about any and every accessory imaginable.  You can have everything at your reach.  I’m always impressed by Ogio’s little details that make their bags so functional and convenient.  The plastic rails on the top make it really nice for picking the bag up and moving it around from the car to the cart. Along with all the features Ogio offers 4 choices of colors.  I went with the Formula color scheme which is basically black and red.

This bag is loaded to gills with features and you can see it, but you can also feel it.  When you lift this bag for the first time, you might wonder if there is something in it.  It is the heaviest non-staff bag I have ever lifted. It weighs in at almost 10lbs.  It is not made to be carried and I think you would be exhausted if you tried.  It is designed to ride on a cart.  There a special strap slots built into the bag, as well as the Torq strap to secure the bag to the basket of the power cart so that you wouldn’t even need the strap.  The base is round and small so that it easily fits on any power cart.  It also rides nicely on a push cart.  I used mine on a ClicGear 3.5 push cart.  I didn’t have any issues with how it fit or rode on the cart. I didn’t find the extra weight really make pushing the ClicGear any more difficult.  The weight was distributed between the 3-wheels so even going up hills it didn’t seem that much heavier.  If you load this bag to the hilt with accessories and clubs it gets to be a lot to lug around, but it wasn’t too bad in a push cart and on a power cart you’ll never even notice.

If you are tired of clanging clubs, if you like individual slots for every club and if you want a bag that has a pocket for everything, this is probably the best bag you will find.  Obviously it isn’t light, but all these features add up.  The Ogio Chamber bag is a big bag with no sound.

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Quick Hits
+Silencer Technology for no club clanging
+10 pockets to carry everything
+Rides great on power or push cart
+Functional details for every accessory