Review: Ogio Ozone Stand Bag

Taking Some Weight Off Your Shoulders
Carrying your golf bag on your shoulders can be a badge of honor, a necessity or a job. Some people feel that this makes golf more like a workout, or others think that pushing is for wimps, or others feel like carrying is the only authentic way to play. So whatever your reason for carrying it, there is no doubt that anyone who has to carry a golf bag on their back would appreciate any relief of that burden. Some bag companies have created extremely lightweight bags, which usually don’t hold all the gear you want. Ogio went right to the point of contact, the shoulders, and designed a bag/straps to relieve some of the weight. Their bungee like “Shoxx X4” shoulder straps feel like some weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
The Ogio Ozone stand bag continues the tradition use of the Woodie configuration of the top.  I have always like this arrangement and still do.  The woods down the side, putter at the top and irons/wedges filling the middle section of the bag.  The curvature of the dividers seems to keep the clubs from clanging and banging around too much.  Another standby of an Ogio bag is the ball silo.  The quick access 3 ball holder on the outside of the bag has been around as long as I’ve known Ogio bags.  It was refined making it a little slimmer on the bag.
Ogio offers a good variety of color options in the bags with a few plains and a few patterns.  I got the Paranormal/Deep Sea color pattern which is a mixture of greys, aqua blues and blacks.  It has just enough flare to make it unique, but not so wild that everyone comments how “different” your bag is.  Usually I just get the, “that is a sharp looking bag” comments on this one.  The material is good solid density that isn’t too heavy, but not so thin that it easily rips or tears.
Ogio has been doing this for a while so they get where to put the pockets and how they should work.  The Ozone bag has them all easily accessible and all with plenty of space.  The insulated water bottle pocket is reachable while carrying.  The  full length pocket on one side of the bag is simply a must when wanting rain gear along.  A valuables pocket is kind of no-brainer and the rangefinder pocket is nice too.  The zippers to the pockets are sturdy and easy to use.

The plastic parts of the Ogio Ozone bag all seem to be very well designed and function very well.  The stand mechanism is the paddle type which deploys the legs when you set it down.  Some golfers are not a fan of this style and like the concealed or full bottom tip, but I didn’t have a single issue using this bag with the legs being engaged or retracted.  The two types of lift handles is really nice too.  The top rim extension is great for certain lifts while the spine handle works great for a longer carry and better balance.

Another little secret touch was the slot through the upper pocket for riding.  Since moving to AZ I haven’t had as many opportunities to walk yet this bag really rides well on power carts.  The slot for putting the strap through the bag works great for holding it securely to the cart.  The plastic bottom of the bag is just the right size too so that it rides nicely in the cart bottom tray.

The Ogio Ozone bag might not be the absolute lightest bag made, but with the Shoxx X4 shoulder straps it feels the lightest of any bag I’ve every carried once it is loaded up with all your golf gear.   You can’t just judge this bag without any clubs in it at the store, you need to load up this bag and compare it to another bag fully loaded to really understand how much better these shoulder straps are.  If you must carry, the Ogio Ozone Stand Bag is a good option as a solid bag, good looks, and Shoxx X4 shoulder straps for lightening the load.

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Quick Hits
+Shoxx X4 straps really help
+Woodie top is a functional design
+Unique color options
+Ample pockets
+Cart strap slot

–Limited plain color options

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