Review: Okato Golf Shaft

TourSwing “Nailed It”

One of the greatest feeling in golf is just nailing a drive 300 yards down the middle of the fairway.  That phrase, “Nailing it” is the English meaning of the Sioux Indian name of TourSwing’s shaft the Okato.  While TourSwing is a small WI company, their products are not small or less by any means.  I found it to compete and beat many of the bigger names and more expensive shafts I have in my quiver.

First off TourSwing wanted the shaft graphics to pop and they certainly do.  It is hard to miss the deep purple shaft with neon green and a hint of orange graphics on this shaft.  While they are bold and bright, I didn’t find them distracting.  The rain like TourSwing graphics oozing out from under the grip reminded me of some other high-end shafts.

But if your going to man up and put a bold and bright shaft in your driver it better live up to the hype and its name.   This shaft did not let me down.  Currently offered in one weight, it came in at 68 grams which is a good solid weight for a driver shaft, light, but still enough heft to maintain tempo.  When it came to CPMs I had a different range that I try to find in a shaft compared to how the Okato CPMed.  But if you look at the ordering spec sheet, they decided to take my suggestion and go with swing speed for designation.  So instead of Regular, Stiff and X-stiff or some sort of 5, 6 or 7, there is a swing speed range to make it easy for any golfer to decide which shaft is right, which is pretty easy to find out.  Just about any shop or store can test swing speed even in a jacked up simulator.  One really cool aspect was the shipping packaging.  Now normally this isn’t a big deal a box is a box, but we’ve all seen and heard the horror stories about broken shafts.  These come in “armored car” like packaging.  They are shipped in PVC pipes with end caps.  At first I wasn’t sure I was going to get into the packaging, but there is no doubt it will arrive safe and secure.

On the course this shaft instantly became one of my favorites.  I got a solid mid launch with this shaft.  It had a very piercing mid flight that rose quickly, and flattened out until it slowly descended to the ground.  I found it to be very low spin when it hit the ground running.  Not only did it have a very pleasing trajectory, it was very consistent in dispersion.  It just wanted to go straight drive after drive.  I averaged 11 of 14 fairways with this shaft in my I-mixed Ft-9 driver.  I found it held up to smooth swings and aggressive swing very nicely.  So even when I wanted to really nail it, I didn’t lose any dispersion.

To top off the trajectory and dispersion, the feel of this shaft matched any high end smooth shaft.  It was easy to load and then you could feel the kick into the ball as it jumped off the face.  

I think TourSwing “Nailed It” out of the park with the Okato shaft.  At the introductory price(I don’t know how long that will last) you will not find a better shaft period.  TourSwing did their research, put in lots of testing and research into this shaft and it paid off.  Try one for yourself and Okato! (Nail It!) 

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