Review: Oxford Golf Apparel

Traditional, Classic Apparel with High Tech Fabrics
The name Oxford invokes a certain amount of class and tradition.  In golf terms it really is a good name to use for classic golf apparel.   I found Oxford to offer a wide selection of traditional golf styles using high tech fabrics.  This makes them easy to take care of and wear; yet they look like what golfers have been wearing for generations.  Their roomy cut and lightweight materials make them really comfortable for golfing.
Oxford Polo shirts can be described as classy, comfortable and lightweight.  They offer one of the widest ranges of shirts of any company, using many different materials and colors.  Every shirt though is still in a classic style.  No crazy or weird stripes or color combinations, no wild prints or anything that you would have to second guess actually wearing it.  I received two different shirts, Greencastle Polo which is a pink “waffle” super dry fabric and the Belefield which is a yellow/blue striped  “smooth” super dry fabric.  They both are very light weight and have plenty of stretch in the material.  They have a anti-microbial treatment to help resist odor as well as UVB protection from the sunlight. They are generous in size and fit.  You can get your normal size in these and be confident that they will fit comfortably with out any tightness around the chest or midsection.  I received a number of compliments while wearing this very nice shirts.  The colors stay down nicely and keep their form even after multiple washes.  The buttons and seams are all top notch.  The only little drawback that some might have is the big logo on the chest, but not all their shirts have it, so just make sure to check out the one you plan on buying if it has it or not.

Oxford Wind Sweater offers the best of both worlds; a windbreaker and a sweater.  It looks very classy, yet can be worn in howling winds with great comfort.  That is always the knock on sweaters is that while they are warm, the wind cuts right through their  knit design.  The Oxford Wind Sweater has a windbreaker liner so that it is warm in both calm and windy conditions.  It has a nice cut to it that offers plenty of room to wear it over a golf shirt, but yet will not impede your golf swing.  The inner liner is a “windbreaker” material so my might notice the slight rustle you can hear from time to time while wearing it.  This sweater might not be a great office candidate because of the slight rustling sound and the fact that it is really warm, probably too warm to wear indoors.
Oxford Cavan Belt is really a unique belt.  It looks like a woven canvass/leather combination, but the woven part is actually elastic bands woven together.  They stretch a good 10″ which makes for a snug yet comfortable fit.  You can gain a couple pounds or lose a few and you won’t need to change belts or punch new holes in the leather.  It is not exactly the belt you wear with a suit and tie, but looks really nice for a casual round of golf.   It matched the Oxford pants quite nicely too.
Oxford “Super Dry” Pants are some of the nicest khakis you will find.  They are super soft.  Their cut is fairly roomy, maybe not quite as roomy as their shirts, but not slim or euro cut in any way.  The details make them great for golfing too.  They have an inner grip strip to keep your shirt tucked in.  The belt loops are nice and tall so that you can wear your Oxford belt comfortably or another wide strapped belt will fit too.  The material has a nice amount of stretch to it so it is really comfortable playing golf in or even wearing them to the office.  The button is well secured and the seams all clean and finished.

Oxford Golf Apparel is some of the classiest and most comfortable golf apparel you can buy.  Their use of high quality high tech materials along with classic colors and looks make them a great apparel company.  They have a roomy fit, so no need to go up a size.  If you end up ordering the wrong size, the offer free exchanges and  returns on all orders.  The name pretty much says it all.  Oxford golf stands for classic, traditional golf apparel.

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Quick Hits
+Classic Styles
+Roomy fit
+Lightweight, modern fabrics
+Wide range of traditional colors and patterns

–Might be too “preppy” for some