Review: Page & Tuttle Golf Apparel

Thin is In!!
Thin is popular in so many areas of life.  Your cell-phone, your body, your clothes, most often thin is a good thing.  Page & Tuttle believe that too.  They make some of the thinnest polos on the market.  They use extremely lightweight material to make a polo that is as light and comfortable as any I have ever worn.  They call it “Cool Swing” material; a 100% Micro-Polyester.

Now Page & Tuttle have been making polos for many years, they are actually one of the oldest golf clothing manufatures in the world; maybe you have seen them in your local pro shop.  Green grass shops were their exclusive sales location.  Most Page & Tuttle apparel of the past included a club logo too.
In 2012 Page & Tuttle decided to bring their apparel line to the public with online sales and non-club-logoed apparel. I think it is a great move. These are really nice polos and since I don’t have a club affiliation, I prefer the logoless shirt.

One thing that they have always offered is a wide variety of shirts.  They have just about every color of the rainbow in their catalog along with many great styles.  Their offerings tend to be on the traditional side, with a few modern designs.  The striped polo above has become on of my favorite polos.  It looks really good with black pants/shorts and the thin dry-fit fabric is really comfortable.  While the fabric is thin, it is not see-through.  I was a little concerned when I first opened the package, I didn’t realize that they would be that thin, but while it is thin, I could wear a t-shirt underneath it with a logo on it that didn’t show through. 

In the heat we had this summer this was a very popular shirt for me because of how thin it was and comfortable.  Here is what Page & Tuttle says about their fabric;  “Cool Elite” fabric, which has embedded cooling minerals in its fibers. So when your body heats up, the fabric cools you down (up to 2-4 degrees Fahrenheit!).”  I have to admit, it does work, these are the “coolest” shirts I own.

  Even though the material is thin, it has held up very well.  I’ve probably worn it 15 times already and washed it 15 times and it still looks like new.  There are no signs of wear/tear on the shirt.  The colors have also held up leaving the shirt looking just like it did when I first got it.

The second shirt that I received is much brighter and bolder in color, but also includes what they call their “Free Swing” design.  It is stretchy panels built into the shirt in the front near the armpits and chest and in the back across the shoulder blades, these are call “gussets”.  These panels allow the shirt to offer a snug fit,  yet allowing for plenty of motion for the golf swing.
It too is made of with the “Cool Swing” material.  It was a great shirt this summer and now as we reach the fall months, it will still get plenty of use as a layer.  If the layers get too thick then it inhibits the swing, so thin is in even during the fall.

Both shirts are a size medium and fit perfectly.  I think you can just order your normal size and these will fit just how you want.  The thin material has a little stretch to it. They have their products priced in line with other apparel companies so they aren’t bargain basement, but not over priced, you get what you pay for.  While Page & Tuttle have been around for along time in green-grass shops, opening up their product line direct to the consumer is a great move.  They really take that phrase “Thin is in” seriously with their new line.

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+”Cool Swing” Tthin material
+Stylish looks
+”Free Swing” design