Review: PalmBird Putter Grip

Turning Greens into Your Paradise
While the game of golf can be difficult for anyone, putting can be the most frustrating part for good golfers.  Anyone can figure out how to push a ball at the hole with a putter, even on a putt-putt course, but the better you get at golf, the more likely you are to have frustration on the greens.  The PalmBird putter grip, designed after the “Bird of Paradise” stalk, might just change your opinion on the greens.   It might just turn Greens into Your Paradise.
In a world of bright and exotic grips, PalmBird is about as simple and plain as it comes, basically a variation of blacked out Pingman putter grip.  Similar feel, texture and look, just a very different shape.  Many companies have been making some sort of fat grip, PalmBird is a flat grip.  It has a rounded top with a deep back section.  I wouldn’tcgall it a fat grip, more of a flat grip.  It is also a non-taper from top to bottom so that both hands have the same feel to them.

The PalmBird was an instant fit for my grip style and stroke.  I already kind of putt with a flat palm as I use my pointer finger to point down the shaft opening up my palm to push against the side of the grip.  The PalmBird offers a big flat surface to do so.  It is designed with a similar intent as other “big” grips to eliminate wrist action and engage shoulders and arms for the stroke.  I like the feel of a the flat palm aligned with the putter face for the stroke.

It also should be noted how heavy this grip is.  At 169 grams it creates a counterbalance effect on the putter.  This too can help with balance and distance control.  I’d be cautious not to install this on a very light weight putter head, you might loose all feel of it.  I installed mine on a 350 gram Miura MG-007 head and it still maintained a very good feel and balance.

The results have me thinking there is something to this PalmBird putter grip.  I went from 1.8 putter strokes per hole to 1.6.  While that .2 doesn’t seem like much, that adds up to 3 strokes gained a round. Who can’t use 3 less strokes per round?  Since it’s been in the bag, I’ve had a number of long bombs drop as well as some consistency with mid-length putts.  It didn’t make everything, but just a few more over the course of each round adds up at the end.

PalmBird is a great, inexpensive option to try and improve your putting.  The thin, flat grip might be a perfect fit for your hands, especially if you like a flat right palmed grip already.  It fit right into my hands.  The simply black rubber is easy to install and feels good in the hands.  It might just turn Greens into Your Paradise.

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Quick Hits
+Great for flat palm putting
+Good smooth rubber feel
+Improved putting statistics
+Helps eliminate wrist action during putting
+Creates the counterbalance effect for any putter.

–Might have too much counterbalance on light putter heads.