Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes Review

Get More Out Of Your Off Days With Carbitex Gear Flex

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Payntr Trainer X 001

I don’t play golf everyday.  I know that may be shock to some of you reading this, but off days are for training. The Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes have Carbitex GearFlex which helps me get more out of my training.  These training shoes are great for running, lifting, biking, hiking or just wearing off the golf course.  If you are looking to get more out of your off days, these shoes offer more spring in each step by using and returning the energy you create while working out.

This is the definitive Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes Review for 2024.

Payntr Trainer X 001

Trainer X 001

Payntr Golf Shoes have been around for a few years already.  They splashed on the scene a couple years back with their comfortable and “running” shoe style.  Their golf shoes looked a lot like training shoes.  They took that style and created an actual training shoe.  These are great for running, hiking, working out, biking, etc.  Their high flex, excellent comfort, and stability make them a great “off day” shoe.  The soles are clearly not going to give any grip for swinging, but as well know, the real secret to getting better is on off days by getting in better shape.  The Paytnr Trainer X 001 Shoes are your best friend for training days.

Carbitex GearFlex

The engine of the Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes is the plate sandwiched between the foam.  The Carbitex Gear Flex Plate is a super lightweight carbon fiber plate that flexes when pressure is applied, but flexes back to “rebound” that energy into each step, jump, hope, or push.   It is like getting a boost with every motion.  It has that spring like effect which has been proven to help runners recapture some of the energy they exert on each stride.  It can be yours in these shoes.

PMX Nitro+ Foam

The sandwich around the Carbitex GearFlex plate on the Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes is called PMX Nitro+ Foam.  This is also highly responsive and super cushiony.  Every step is cushioned from the sole and the midsole which means your feet, ankles, knees and hips feel less impact.  Less impact benefits the joints so that you can train the muscles harder.  I really appreciated how soft the PMX Nitro+ Foam is.  These were used more for speed and impact than a typical golf shoe is which really served me well when training.  I did some running and biking in them and really appreciated the soft response each step offered.

Woven Jacquard Uppers

The Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes have a woven jacquard upper material which offers outstanding breathability, flex and comfort.  They have just enough body to feel supportive when working out or running, but soft and flexible enough to really offer outstanding comfort.  The variety of patterns really work well too.  The wavy front flexes nicely around the toes, the X on the side keeps the laces supported and tight around the arch area and the vertical heel patter paired with cushion gives great stability around the ankle.  They come in 4 different colors with a neon accent to offer some style and pop.


The Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes are excellent off-course trainers.  I was very happy with their comfort and cushion.  The real area I liked is the Carbitex GearFlex Plate that gives these shoes some real spring.  Now I’m not going to start dunking because of the extra spring, but that return of energy is a real thing when walking or running.  If you bend the shoe and watch it spring you can see the difference that Carbitex makes.  If you need a better shoe for the gym, these are one of the nicest options from a golf shoe company.  I’m very impressed by these trainers from Payntr.  Right out of the box comfort, great support and cushion for even the most intense workout.


The Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes are shoes for your off days training.  They have one of the most comfortable combinations of foam, materials and flex.  The Carbitex flexes even at low impact/speed and does even more at higher impact/speed.  If you want to get the most out of your days off, these are an excellent choice.

For more information: Payntr Website and Carbitex Website

Payntr Trainer X 001 Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ️  About: Payntr is a recent start-up in the golf shoe world and now offers a non-golf shoe for training days. They have Carbitex GearFlex Plate technology which really helps recover energy while walking, hiking, biking, lifting or anything else your doing.

  • ✅  Pros: Carbitex GearFlex, PMX Nitro+ Foam, Comfortable, Flexible, Supportive.

  • ⛔  Cons: Can get dirty easily

  • ⛳  Verdict: We can't play golf everyday and off days are meant for training. The Payntr Trainer X 001 with Carbitex GearFlex Plate offers one of the comfortable and responsive training shoes that are perfect for walking, running, lifting, biking, hiking or any other activity.


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