Review: Ping G25 hybrid

A "G" hybrid with good looks
The Ping “G” series woods and irons have been known to be some of the most forgiving woods and irons made. I’ve enjoyed the ease in which you can point and swing them. Unfortunately the “G” series hybrids have been some of the ugliest clubs on the market too. They performed great, my brother-in-law swears by them, but I can’t stand to look at them and that is why I wouldn’t even consider putting a Ping “G” series hybrid in my bag until this year. It was a shock when I saw the G25 hybrid for the first time. Ping went from the ugliest hybrid, to one of the best looking ones in one generation. It matches the other G25 woods very nicely. The matte black crown with the glossy black face and sole are stunning. The shape is also very pleasant. It doesn’t have a giant offset nor does it look like it is going to hit the ball straight left. The G25 hybrid looks compact yet offers just enough body to really look and feel forgiving.
First off a hybrid does not need to hit it a country mile, I just need it to be accurate.  I found the forgiveness of the G25 allowed me to hit a consistent 210 yards with this club over and over.  It probably was the most repeatable hybrid I have every hit.  Every shot really seemed to do the same thing.  At 20* it hit the ball plenty high.  It elevated very quickly but held its line and trajectory nicely until it landed softly around 210 yards every time.

The sound and feel of the G25 hybrid are as pleasing as any hybrid you will ever hit.  Ping has really dialed in their sensory feedback in all their clubs as of late.  It offers a solid thwack yet just enough pop to really feel hot off the face.  Compared to a couple other hybrids out right now it feels much livelier.  True to “G” series form it sounds and feels good pretty much all over the face.  Only if you get to the extreme edges do you really notice a harsh or miss-hit feeling.

The rear weight on the sole of the G25 hybrid offers a low CG for higher launch.  I was really happy with the trajectory of this club, it doesn’t fly overly high, but launches quickly and holds a fairly flat flight and then lands softly, not offering too much roll, which I appreciate in a hybrid.  I’m often using it to hit into a green and want that higher launch than a 3-iron and softer landing to hold.

I was really happy how this “G” series club didn’t look like it was going to go left nor did it have a major tendency to go left.  It hits the ball very straight with the slight ability to move the ball one way or the other.  It maybe isn’t quite as “G” as previous lines, but it still is a forgiving, consistent, easy to hit hybrid.

I was really happy with the turf interaction of this club.  The sole is flatter which helps for set-up and it feels like a mini fairway wood, more than a long iron.  Off the fairway it is easy to hit.  It resists digging into the turf just enough that you can get down on the ball cleanly and still take a little grass with the ball for solid contact.  It also cuts through the moderate rough with ease.  I was able to maintain trajectory and distance with the G25 hybrid even out of the thick stuff.  I did hit a couple of long fairway bunker shots with it and the flat sole and beveled leading edge seemed to work quite well.

The stock shaft is a great fit for what I needed.  The Ping TFC 189H  is a great hybrid shaft.  I ordered the Tour Stiff and at 82grams it feels really good.  It offers great balance, consistent launch and the spin was under control.  I don’t feel the need to upgrade this shaft.  I was able to hit my distances under control with this club.  The other stock features like the grip and shaft are all pretty straight forward Ping products.

I didn’t pick up yardage, but I did tighten up the landing area with this hybrid.  It is as consistent and forgiving as any hybrid you can buy.  The Ping G25 hybrid offers all the benefits of the “G” line with great looks too.

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Quick Hits:
+”G” forgiveness without “G” looks
+Solid sound and feel
+Consistent distance control
+Easy to hit straight

–Not as long as other hybrids

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