Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls Review

Should be required for all high-handicapped golfers.

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Polara Golf Balls Self Correcting

This is my official Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls Review.

I tried all the different kinds of Polara golf balls for the writing of this review. The Ultimate Straight and also the XD and XDS balls.

These are my overall thoughts on their effectiveness and the difference between them all!

Polara Golf Balls Self Correcting
Polara Golf Balls – Overview
We’ve all heard about the dwindling number of golfers, the incredibly slow rounds and the overall expense of golfing.  Add to that, those that do go out to golf often struggle to break 100 and spray the ball all over the course.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was just one simple fix for amateur golf??  I think that the Polara Self-Correcting Golf Ball is just about as close to a fix as you will find.  It addresses just about everything mentioned above.

Polara Ultimate Straight Balls

Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls are said to reduce slices and hooks by up to 75%.  I was curious to see how true this was.  The concept behind the ball is literally rocket science, but in application it is really quite easy for any golfer to figure out.  There is an arrow on the ball to point at your target.  The dimple pattern through this middle section is much shallower, while the outer dimples are much deeper.  It is a true point and shoot golf ball. So how would it play on the course?  I found it to be absolutely amazing.  I didn’t miss a fairway all day.  This might be the first time for that, ever.  It didn’t seem to matter what swing I put on it, the ball just flew straight down the middle.  Now, when I tried to hit a big cut, it still cut, but just barely.  Normally it would have been a 40-yard cut, now it was a 5-yard one. So how about distance?  I tried one of these super-straight balls before but it didn’t go anywhere.  Not with these, they went maybe 3%-5% shorter than my normal ball.  So on average I normally hit about 250-265 and these were 240-250.  But then again I play to a single digit handicap, so I’m not typically far off line anyways, but in the hands of a high-handicap slicer, these things are miracle workers.  No more in the trees, in the water, out of bounds, etc.  They do tend to work best also with a higher lofted driver.  The lift is generated more by the club face than by the dimples with these.  They say that many people even gain distance because they are straight.

After you get off the tee with these golf balls, there are two options. 
1. Reposition the arrow for each shot, ensuring that it goes straight.  
2.  Just playing it as it lies and it will act like a normal golf ball.  

On the green it really didn’t matter whether I lined up the arrow or just dropped the ball, it rolled true either way.  For my rounds I just had the 2-piece ball to try and it was very similar to a typical 2-piece ball, a little hard and minimal stopping power.  But this is really what most amateurs play now.

While Polara Self Correcting Golf Balls are not USGA legal for scoring and tournaments, I think that all high-handicappers should play these until they get to a single digit handicap.  Even as a low handicap player, I had a blast playing with them.  My score was even better than normal.  I see no reason to always play what the pro play, no other sport does.  Different bats, different 3-point lines, why not golf?  It would speed up play, save money on lost balls, and it would make the recreational golfer enjoy their round more.  Everyone should give these a try; they might be the simplest fix for the amateur golf game. 

See Polara US Balls on Amazon.com


Note: This portion of the review has been updated since the release of the Polara XD and XDS Balls. The previous section was based on the Polara US (Ultimate Straight) balls.
Polara designed a self correcting ball that was guaranteed to go straighter than any other ball.  When I tested the Ultimate Straight ball it certainly went straight, but still wasn’t as long as a normal ball, nor did it work well with normal clubs; it was better fit for high launching clubs.
Polara designed the new XD and XDS ball that doesn’t require you to change to high launching clubs, but will work well with any clubs you already have. While the new design doesn’t go quite as straight, down from 75% to 50%, it still corrects the slice or the draw.  While I didn’t do the math, I think those claims are pretty accurate.  I hit a few more fairways with the original US balls than I did the new XD/XDS models, but still more than a normal golf ball.
The Polara XD is truly a distance ball, not designed around feel or spin.  I think any high-handicap player with a slower swing speed is going to get the most out of this ball.  They typically don’t compress the ball enough to generate much spin so that need isn’t there and they aren’t crushing the ball to notice the feel difference so why not save a few dollars.
I could easily drop the Polara XDS into my bag and play it all the time, it is so straight, launches nice and high. It also spins quite well around the greens.  I found it to play like a super straight Titleist NXT Tour.  The feel is pretty good and certainly long enough to play for every round.  I know I scored better with this ball in play too.  I  noticed how straight this ball putted too.  It worked for every shot, tee to green.


The debate still centers on the conforming or should I say non-conforming nature of this ball.  The USGA has declared that this ball does not conform to their standards.  This reason alone will cause many golfers not to play it. But if you just want to have fun playing golf and don’t want to worry about every last rule, then put the Polara in your bag, you won’t have more fun than using this ball. If you want a legal option that is still cheap you should read our Cut blue golf ball review.
You will find more fairways, lose less golf balls and simply be less frustrated with the game.  It also will speed up play since you won’t have to look in the woods for a lost ball.  If the USGA is serious about growing the game of golf, they may want to consider setting up two divisions of rules for amateurs and pros; many other sports already do, why not golf?
You don’t need to spend a $1000 to hit the ball straighter, just get a dozen Polara XD/XDS golf balls and you will be playing from the fairway more and enjoying the game more.
For more information: PolaraGolf.com


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