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I used the Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker for 7 rounds of golf.  Precision Pro has been in the rangefinder market for a few years and now offers some additional tech in a GPS Smart Speaker for Golf.  MySlope App combines GPS information from your smartphone with input information about your game to calculate everything you need for each shot.

This is the definitive Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker Review for 2022.


While I’m still not a music guy on the course, I can certainly appreciate the vibe one gets while playing 18 holes with buddies, listening to music and drinking a few cold ones.  The addition of music can certainly bring some fun to the round, yet there still tends to be some serious competition between friends about who can shoot the lowest score. The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker offers everything you need for music and distances for a fun but serious round of golf.

The Precision Pro R1 ACE Smart Speaker is a magnetic bluetooth speaker which can be mounted to the roof arm of a power cart.  It can be stuck to other metal surfaces or even just tossed in the basket of a push cart.  It has a handy little remote with a couple buttons on it to relay information you need without being right next to the speaker.  It connects easily and quickly to the Precision Pro App for GPS information as well as MySlope App features which put even more information at your disposal.

The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker works as a stand alone bluetooth speaker if you want.  The sound is crisp and clear.  It is a directional speaker that you’d typical point at you while riding on a cart.  While this might not share your tunes in 360*, it also means you shouldn’t annoy everyone on the course since the sounds is concentrated on your cart.  It is good size, produces plenty of volume and some decent bass.  If you were only looking for a golf speaker, this would be a great option with its strong magnet and great sound.

The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker features a GPS display on the face of the speaker.  This to me is one of the best features of this unit.  While pushing the button and having the “Siri-like” voice tell me yardages is great; sometimes just seeing them as you are getting out of the cart to grab a club and hit your ball works just as well without the sound.  The MySlope App will give you adjusted yardages based on your input for flight, distances and environment.  The more you put into the app, the more you get out of it in terms of information and assistance.  One of the really nice features of the app is the “Find My Precision Pro” which is basically a similar feature to Find My Phone which allows you to track your device down if you ever leave it behind.  No matter how much you try to take care of and pay attention to where your ACE Smart Speaker is at all times; it is almost guaranteed that you will leave it stuck to the cart at least one time.  You will be able to track down where it is and if someone else decided to take your speaker home with them.

The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker comes with soft bag for travel.  While it doesn’t offer much protection other an dirt, dust and scratches, the speaker itself is very durable.  The magnet is super strong so I had no worries about it fall off of the cart either.  I find it to be extremely useful here in AZ since most courses are riding; especially in the summer heat. The button remote can double as a ball marker.  The secondary button (the Baba Booey Button as they call it) can add a little fun with a variety of “golf shot celebrations”.


The Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker offers a combination of music and GPS.  I like the ability to use it as stand alone “normal” speaker, but can easily use the GPS feature in both visual and audio mode.  It can be both fun and serious at the same time for your round of golf. If you open up the app and tap into all the bells and whistles, the MySlope will take things to a whole new level.  The more you put into the app, the more you can learn about your game and get even more precise yardages based on your game and location.

For more information: Precision Pro

Precision Pro ACE Smart Speaker – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Precision Pro is expanding their offerings with a speaker which also has GPS. This combo paired with the MySlope App really offers golfers a fun yet serious golf experience.

  • ✅  Pros: GPS, Music, Easy to see, Visual distances, Audio distances, Button ball marker, Magnetic cart mount.

  • ⛔  Cons: Information overload, Bluetooth limits.

  • ⛳  Verdict: Precision Pro impresses with the combination of music and GPS. It does require some user input to get the most out of it, but can really unlock information useful for yoru game. You can have fun, but still be serious about your game.


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