PrimePutt Putting Mat Review

Let It Roll, Let It Roll, Let It Roll


Tyler Fitzel
Professional club fitter and author at Independent Golf Reviews

I practiced with the PrimePutt Putting Mat for 6 weeks.  It made a great addition to my living room, office, kitchen, bedroom, and garage over that time.  I was able to roll putts wherever and whenever I found time to practice.  This simple yet incredibly well designed putting mat works everywhere and yet can be rolled up to be put away when not in use. 

This is the definitive PrimePutt Putting Mat Review for 2023.


The weather outside is frightful, but indoor putting is delightful. And since we want to practice for next season, let it roll, let it roll, let it roll. 

Real grass is where we play the game, but winter brings a large part of the country little to no golf outside. Living in the snow covered part of the midwest, my practice options are indoors. Golf simulators have a niche and in recent years we’ve seen more and more companies join the ranks for commercial or personal use, but the one thing that most simulators don’t capture well is putting. I’ve used several options over the years and PrimePutt Putting Mats is the latest to find the balance with realistic surfaces and practical putting options.

Set up is super easy to get rolling. The PrimePutt mat is rolled up with all you need in the box.  You will get a tour-grade turf mat that gives the same feedback as a grass green. Three innovative multi-make cups that hold up to 4 putts in a row. A walnut custom-engineered backstop that keeps missed putts out of the way and three premium walnut flagsticks for elegant and easy ball retrieval.

PrimePutt Turf mat is a durable ½” thick tour grade material that rolls about 10-12 on the stimp meter. The turf is also a no-memory material that lays down flat, so rolling it up or rolling it out, it is ready instantly. This is the most realistic non-grass turf I’ve ever putted. There is a slight cushion in the materials, which makes the ball mimic a real grass green. PrimePutt has a putting surface that is unlike any other I’ve seen on the market. Amassing options for the design and the material was thoughtfully crafted and came from wanting a high standard to practice putting.

PrimePutt has created “Game-changing cups”

I have yet to see this level of innovation in a practice mat when it comes to the target. Not only are the cups made from the same plastic used to make the cups we see in the hole on a real golf course, each cup can hold up to 4 golf balls at a time. Also, the backstop of the cup acts like a real full-depth golf hole, so makes go in and misses do not. On top of that, like many practice greens we use before we play, the walnut stick is a ball retriever so you don’t have to bend over again and again.

There are four PrimePutt Mat sizes to choose from:

  • Compact 1.5’ x 9’ with one cup
  • Standard 3’ x 9’ with three cups
  • XL 3’ x 12’ with three cups
  • XXl  3’ x 15’ with three cups

Customization is also available by setting up an appointment to discuss options for a particular space or design that you may have in mind. 


If your weather outside if frightful, then stay inside where PrimePutt is delightful.  While you can sing, let it snow, let it snow, let is snow, your putter will sing; let it roll, let it roll, let it roll.  The PrimePutt Putting Mat is one of the most innovative golf products I’ve seen, yet incredibly simplistic.  Not everyone can have an outdoor putting green (like iGolfReview south).  For those of us in the northern states, we need something indoors and this is as good as it gets.  This premium, tour-grade turf and innovative design creates the most realistic putting mat that seamlessly goes from storage to ready for game-time practice in seconds.

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